Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

It’s been an amazing transfer this month with Sister Harris. Linda got baptized on the 31st and it was so amazing. My favorite part was when she went under the water and when she came back up she gasped and giggled and just smiled at all the people. it was so cute!!! She is just so amazing!! we have been tracting and last week and yesterday we found a few families where the moms are really less active and they want to take the lessens. so cool!!! One mom still has a strong strong testimony of the book of Mormon and Joseph smith. She was testifying the whole time to her family. it was so crazy. There is this 89 year old man we are teaching and he is learning slowly. He is a little set in his ways but when we really sit down and explain to him he gets it. He asked us yesterday about baptism for the dead. he lives with his son in law and he is very anti-mormon so it’s hard at times but I guess they were talking about that and when we explained to him what they were for he asked if he can do that for his wife. It was so cool. His wife doesn't have much longer to live. It’s really sad. Yesterday he told us she only has hours left. We told him he can’t do baptisms for her only girls can for her and then we said we can do it for her and he smiled. He doesn't quite understand but he is getting there. I don’t know we have so much happening in the Yakima 5th ward. so we got transfer calls on Saturday night and every one was telling me that I’m going because no one stays with their greeny buster for more than one transfer so I was really sad when the call came and when I didn't hear my name me and sister Harris just looked at each other and then freaked out. It was so cool! I’m staying in Yakima 5th ward for another 6 weeks! how freaking sweet is that!!! We have a lot going on right now and I think a lot of our investigators were praying that me and Sister Harris would stay together. I’m so happy I truly know God is in this work! ahhh i just love my mission!!!!

Love Sister Steen
Linda got baptized
Elder Cude is going home today so we had a funeral for him on Wednesday
haha district pics
Memorial day hike
this is Lacy the dog and me Lacey the missionary ;)
 Memorial day hike
 Wanna be Indian
freaking garden snake in the desert lol

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