Tuesday, July 29, 2014

JULY 28, 2014

This week has been crazy busy. We wake up and go go go until 9:30 , then we have to plan, write in the area books and then pass out because we are sooooo tired. I’ve never felt so tired in my life. Bikes are amazing! We got to teach a guy in Ridgeview ward. His name is Franks and we put him on date for the 29th of September. :D it was so cool. Me and my companion teach well together and getting doubled in is hard but we are working hard always and asking God for help and guidance. We go on splits for church so we can both be at a ward getting to know the ward members. We have a lot of less active work to do here and it’s going to be hard but I know we are both here for a reason. We taught a lady named Ginger and her boyfriend Josh. He is investigating the church. Ginger went on a mission. She didn’t have a testimony of the Book of Mormon so we asked them to read scripters as a family and they were exited josh is the one that said they should read from the Book of Mormon. I have a really good feeling that me and my companion is supposed to be here for them. So much is happening slowly. We got to go to a retirement home on Sunday and have sacrament with them. There was a lady there that wasn’t a member but she said she comes because a friend of hers always brought her to it. She just feels good there :) I got to lead the music and I just felt so happy being there for these people :) I’m so grateful that I got through the hard part of my mission. I know there will be more trials I have to deal with but it’s helping me grow. I’m so grateful for all of the people who are praying for me to be successful. I know your prayers are helping me succeed. I love you all!

Love Sister Steen
 The wind is holding me up

 I did a makeover on my companion. This is after.
 This is before.
We didn't get dinner. They forgot to feed us.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014

I got doubled in to Kennewick Ridgeview and Wind song ward with Sister Peatross. She is just great. I love her. We are both exited to work hard. The last sisters that were here never updated the area book so that’s a little hard and set us back some. We got to know both bishops and one of our ward mission leaders. Two wards are a little crazy and I get confused and mixed up a lot. But I’m so happy.
We live with an awesome family, the Arnolds, we live upstairs and its pretty sweet! We haven’t met anyone really from our zone yet so I’m excited for P day today. We were walking on our first full day here and ran in to the elders on their bikes. So we got to meet our district leader and his companion for a second. After walking for two days we decided we need bikes.

 So the Windsong bishop gave us bikes and helmets. Woot! Bikes are so nice. Walking to Windsong area took an hour and riding our bikes was like 20 min. So much better! My companion keeps saying I look like a model on it. Bahahaha! She is sweet. I love her. We go on splits for church so we can get to know both wards because on our first day we kept hearing that the sisters always left right after sacrament and went to the Ridgeview ward so we decided we would switch off every week which is fun and scary because you have to be with another lady the hole time you are away from your companion. We have a lot of work to do to fix what the last sisters didn’t do here. It will be fun. It’s crazy me and my companion just came from our greeny areas so this is our first transfer. She has been out 7 months and I’ve been out 6.
 We are both teaching each other. It’s so fun in Windsong. Me and Sister Peatross were asked to come up at the end of sacrament meeting and introduce ourselves and share our testimony. Like always I got super scared but I did it! hahaha Well we have a lot of less active work here and 3 investigators in Windsong and 1 in Ridgeview so it’s not too bad. We got to go help a less active member clean her home because she is trying to move. It was fun :D I think that’s about it for this week. I hope I’ll have a lot of awesome stuff for next week’s letter. We have been praying for lots of help :D

Love you all so much :)

Love Sister Lacey Steen :)
  dead body jk
last Pday 

  saying bye to lorenzo and sister varges and Sadie
 saying bye to sam and carrie

  my zone leader Elder Dah my district leader Elder Knight and Elder Bowen

  dead body jk

our last big meal our investigator Luther bought for us he is a sweet old man :) miss him lots

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I am being transferred to Kennewick.

 Sister Harris, Luther and Me
Luther and Me

 My district :) 

This week has been pretty awesome. We had specialized training and interviews. Which I only did interviews because I had a doctor appointment. But I loved my interview it was really good. :D We went on exchanges with the sister training leaders and it was fun to learn from Sister Gamble. I got to stay in my area. We went out to eat with an older couple in our ward and we went to this Mexican restaurant and all the freaking waiters were hitting on me. I’m a stinking missionary. hahah it was embarrassing but flattering. :) haha I did a progress report on my eye therapy and my eyes are where they are supposed to be. yay that’s so happy! umm we got transfer calls on Saturday and I’m going to Kennewick. I’ll be in 2 wards and I’m getting doubled in, which means me and my new companion are both new to that area. That will be interesting.

Luther is on date for the 26 of July. We will probably have to hold it back a little but iI’m so happy that he is on date. He is 89 and I think that’s the perfect time to be on date right? :) Gary is moving to Sunnyside so we won’t be teaching him anymore. Sad face. But its ok :) the elders will do just as good teaching him :) i miss and love you all so much I’ve been packing since Saturday its stressful haha but I’m excited!

Love sister Steen

Oh!! And we had 2 investigators come to church it was so awesome! I got to teach the gospel principals class. It was pretty scary but it was good :)

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Hey everyone so this week was good :) yesterday our investigators fed us dinner. We had steak. It was so good and he gave me this huge cup full of Pepsi! Oh man! I wish I took a picture. It was soo cool. I love the Castenon family :) I shared my testimony in church on Sunday and I was still pretty scared but it was good. Our investigator Luther, the 89 year old, came to church and stayed for 2nd hours :) he was getting pretty tired at the end so he ended up going home which is fine. He’s a good guy. He is slowly progressing. umm on the 4th of July we went to a pancake breakfast and we invited a bunch of investigators and random people we talk too. Sadly no one showed up. It was sad. For dinner we went to the Tew’s dads house. He had a huge pool party and lots of people were there. The pool was huge and had a rock waterfall and a rock waterslide. Man i wish i had my camera then. It was awesome we didn’t swim cuz we are missionaries. Darn it! haha but the food was good. We had to be in at 6 though so the sisters slept over and we roasted marshmallows and slept on the trampoline. That was fun. The night before me and Sister Harris slept on the trampoline too and we saw a huge shooting star. it was sweet! On the 4th we had cupcakes. It was really fun! The sad part of this week is none of our investigators where home. Well most of them weren’t and that’s never fun. I did eye therapy and during it he asked me to think of holidays while walking on a balance beam. I was doing good then my mind went blank. ugh so he gave me a hint which was pumpkin pie. i said Halloween everyone laughed. i was really confused. then i realized he wanted my answer to be thanksgiving. It was embarrassing but its funny :)

Love sister Steen
 Random selfie just cuz
 happy 4th cupcakes :D 
 slept on the tramp on the 4th with the sisters
amazing pasta salad 
sleeping on the tramp
Me and Sister Harris

my horse
 fire lol

Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 30, 2012

I don't have a lot to say because I just wrote Thursday. I got to go on exchanges this week because my comp was sick and I needed to get out and do some missionary work. So it was scary but it was fun because I got to know sister Gamble better. Not a lot happened but at dinner we had lasagna and i was so happy because i love lasagna. After that we just tracted and at the very last door a miracle happen. a guy named Dale came out the other door and we were talking to him and he was telling us he has a lot of LDS friends and people he works with. So at that point i just assumed he has gone to church at our church. He told us he has gone to lots of different churches and hasn’t found the right one yet. None of them have just felt right. I was a little sad then we asked if he has ever gone to our church and he was like you know i haven’t. I just got really happy and was like oh my gosh if he goes to our church he is just going to know and feel like it’s the right church. We invited him to church and asked if he wanted to go on a church tour first. We invited him to do that and he just seemed really excited and happy that we asked like he has just been waiting for someone to invite him. He isn’t in my area which was sad he was in sister Gambles but i know he will find the right church soon. :) After church on Sunday we went to visit some people Lorenzo set up an appointment with us for Tuesday. I’m excited for that. Then we went to a potential investigators home her name is Sheila. She is a little crazy and I’m kind of scared of her. haha but we were able to help her move some big stuff to her office. She was so thankful she told us we were an answer to her prayers :) after that we were talking to her and she loves to share what she calls testimonies with us. Like what God has done for her. Everything in her life is a testimony. It’s really cool though because she was talking about fasting and how she wanted to do a 40 day fast and when she was talking about it she was saying God wants us to finish what we start and he wants to help us finish it :) he doesn’t like when we give up because that is like us losing faith or giving up on God. At this time it really answered my own prayers. I’ve been having a really hard transfer and I was really ready to give up and go home because it’s the easy way out and I know my family loves me and will make all the hard stuff go away. I realized that if i go home I’m giving up and losing faith that God will help me get through my trials. So I decided to stop thinking about going home and stop saying poor me I am going through too much i need to give up. I’m growing so much right now and I have to have faith that God will get me through the storm. It’s funny that crazy Sheila, the one lady I’m scared of helped me and helped me see the answer to my prayers. After that we had to go to dinner so we prayed with her and Sister Harris told her that she might have an Ulcer. so Sheila during the prayer decided she would put her hands on sister Harris’ stomach and cast the demons and bad things out. hahaha I held back my giggles. It surprised us. It was just so funny she was just trying to help. She is really a good lady. After that we had dinner at the Woods house and we stopped by to see Sandra. We haven’t been able to really teach her. We are more of the girls that listen to all her problems and do service for her occasionally. haha she is a sweet lady. While we were walking home Amanda another potential investigator, Gary’s daughter, saw us walking as she was driving by and picked us up. She took us home. It was really sweet of her! Her husband is in the National Guard and he is coming home on Wednesday so we are going to help her make cupcakes! I’m pretty exited :) well that’s my week. I love you all so much and miss you so much too :)

Love Sister Steen

 This is Gary. He is the guy who always has his gun on his hip.

My mom always asks me about my eye therapy so... This is me doing eye therapy. 
It's funny because I look cross eyed. 
 This is all the stuff I use for my eye therapy.