Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Ok so we got transfer calls and I’m staying in Yakima at the Blacks house and my new companion is Sister Harris. She is so awesome. We just get along really well. We work good together and miracles are just happening all over. The adversary is working hard trying to make us discouraged at times but that what prayer is for, to ask God for the strength to keep moving on. Sister Harris and I are basically the same person so it really easy to get along.

My eye therapy is going really good. My eyes are getting better and better. I’m almost to the test to see where I am in therapy. It scares me a little because I don’t know if I’ll be a lot better than my first one but I really hope so. Anyway at my last appointment the lady at the desk, that me and Sister Davis did yard work for, was talking to me and I asked her when we can come back. So we set up an appointment to do service :) and she is going to feed us pizza yummmmm and tomorrow we have service for Angie, our new convert, she lives with the Glens. Sister Glen fell and broke her hip :( it’s really sad but she already had surgery and she is in a nursing home until she can get better. Brother Glen is a little depressed :( but he gets to see her almost every day. I don’t know what he would do without her. They’re in their 90s so I’m pretty impressed how strong they are.

So service for Angie, we are helping her get the deck ready for painting. I’m really excited and the past few days we have been going through the phone and OYMing people. (Open Your Mouth so kinda like knocking doors or street contacting but it was on the phone) We have so many appointments set up by doing that. Most of the time that doesn’t happen so I know the Lord is blessing me and Sister Harris :) me and Sister Harris decided we are going to tell President Wear that he doesn’t have to worry about us. We can be together for more than one transfer. We know he has a lot to worry about so we just wanna help by saying we work well together ;) haha sister Harris is dying here in Yakima in 3 months and going home. I’m already going to miss her. We have a lot of people to get baptizes this transfer. So we need to work hard. We have one on date for May 17 now and we have 7 that we want to put on a date so pray for us and things will work out. These people are so amazing. We love them so much. I know I’m here for a reason and it gets hard at times and i want to pack up and go home but it’s never worth giving up as long as I have faith in God I will never give up. I’ll always work hard and I’ll keep loving everyone around me. Not a lot has happened this week until Wednesday came around and I got my new companion but I’m pretty sure that’s all. Oh, funny story, I got asked to do a training on a Christ like attribute again. Funny story since I’ve been out I’ve been asked to do one of those every time without fail and my companions never get asked. haha Guess that’s what I get for never saying no to the work of God :) Oh well I’m really exited so it will be alright i miss you all and love getting letters from you I try to write back as soon as I can but the work gets busy :) well love you all

Love Sister Steen

Me and my new and fav comp sister Harris :D

Me, my mom sister Davis, and my grandma Sister Funk

Me and Sister Harris

Sister Enmen Sister Steen Sister Bernson Sister Micmertree Sister Funk 

Pday Me and Sister Harris

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Ok so this week has been crazy! A lot has happened and I almost can’t remember what happened. We got a new investigator her name is Nea. Her son got baptized a couple months ago and she wants to know what it’s all about.
 We invited her and Linda to enrichment night and it was about purses. We weighed in our purses and me and Sister Davises where the heaviest. lol It was really fun. Linda is still on date for Baptism. I’m a little scared because Sister Davis is leaving today and my new companion apparently isn’t the hardest worker. She was Sister Davises companion up in the tri cities. I got a blessing before I found out who my companion was and it was one of the scariest blessings I ever got. It talked about how I need to keep working hard because the adversary is going to try and basically mess up my mission and how I need to have a lot of faith and humility so I was really nervous. Then when we got the call that Sister Harris was going to be my companion greenybuster Sister Davis said “Oh No!” so that didn’t help. lol Then she told me about her and now I know I really needed that blessing to keep me focused and keep working hard. I’m really scared to take over the area and stuff and having a new companion is really scary but I’m going to love her and be the best missionary I can Linda is going to be Baptized on The 4th of May please keep her in your prayers so she can make it. She is a sweet lady and I love her so much. She is one of the elect. She was prepared for us. Now the adversary is going to work hard on her but with faith I know she will make it. She has a lot to do before she gets baptized but she can do it. I really can’t think of anything else but I guess one last fun thing that happened is we helped prank the elders on Saturday and the members gave us permission to basically trash their apartment. We sprayed the grossest smelling perfume on their clothes and basically all over there apartment and we bought string and I got that job so i covered their house in string. It was so fun then that night we helped the elders prank the sisters we put confetti in the vents and when we dropped off the car we turned off the car and put the air on full blast haha it was really fun :)

 Well I miss you all I love my mission and I love finding and teaching these elect children of God!

Love always Sister Steen
 I WON!!!!

 Just some fun pictures with my district
 Easter waiting for our ride to dinner

We were waiting for the sisters to come out of the church for like 30 minutes and
 I was so tired I just passed out.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hey family!!!! I miss your faces!!!!!!

ok so this week we have been home alone and The Blacks have nocturnal animals so every noise freaked us out. Why? Because we went upstairs the day the Blacks left and bishop had left a note that said that his work has been telling everyone that they are out of town and to set the alarm.
 Scary right? haha but this week has been so amazing! we got to go to the temple on Wednesday and it’s so pretty. We went to the Tri-cities so Kenniwick and sister Aken and her best friend took us. She is so funny. I love her. She took a pic of us and texted it to our moms before we went in the temple :)
 my mom texted back and said thanks :0 it felt strange knowing that my mom had texted her back. It made me really happy :) then we had P-day after that. Amy Aken texted us and told me that she left something on the yellow chair outside of our house. She gave me her favorite jacket. the elders in her ward told me it was super expensive and she won’t take it back. She said she feels happy giving a missionary something so i try to wear it like every day and take really good care of it. 
  lol umm we did so much service this week. It was so happy!!! a member in our wards son is our investigator and she asked us to help her. So we had the elders come help too. I ended up scooping this nasty pond water out of this little pond and there were dead fish in it. Elder Wolfgrahm threw one at me. Ewww!! haha then when we got done there we helped the elders do service. Her yard was a mess. It took us 2 days to get it done.
Then we had a stake day of service and we helped at that and got it done really fast. Sister Funk went to the ER because she got poked by a needle that was in a bag. She might get Hepatitis c eww sad right. the work is moving along and Sister Davis is leaving for Brazil soon so I’ll be getting a new companion. mother’s day is coming up and I’m counting down the days because I get to talk to my Mom :) 2 days ago i don’t know why but it hit me that I’m meant to be here and I’m actually loving it so much! our new investigator is so golden and so sweet :) the Elders pranked us and tied us into our house with fishing string.
We went outside to take a picture of Sister Davis on her 1 year mark and we couldn’t get out of our house lol when we finally got out we heard this guy singing this crazy Hindu song. Sister Davis recorded it. Sadly i didn’t have my camera. Oh well. This week has just been super crazy and strange. It went by so slow but so fast at the same time. I don’t even remember what happened. oh I got a package from the fudge factory :)a cute little egg with my name on it. It made me so happy. it’s hard being on a mission when you hear about your home town all the time. lol Nauvoo this Nauvoo that haha it makes me a little home sick but I’m concentrating on the people that need me so that always helps :) being a missionary is so fun and it helps you grow so much. We had dinner with the Dearringers and they told me about the mudslide. I am glad everyone in our family is ok. We also had another dinner with a new family in the ward and it was the most awkward dinner ever. They wouldn’t really talk to us and if we asked questions they either didn’t answer or they answered with one word. lol oh well. We were asked by Brother Cluff to go to a mission prep class that was really fun. I know this church is true. I’m so proud to me a member and a missionary of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints. My testimony is growing every day and I love being in the Kennewick WA mission :) i miss you all and love you so much

Love sister Steen

April 7 2014

This week has been amazing!!! We got a new Investigator Linda and she is so amazing. We had a church tour and she was scared at first because she heard so many scary things about our church. When we pulled up to the church she told me it wasn’t what she expected. At the end of the tour we asked how she felt and she said she was scared at first and now she feels really good and we told her that was the spirit testifying to her. She is in a place God wants her to be and she seemed really happy about that. She is definitely progressing!!!

We watched the Saturday conference at the stake center and it felt like Christmas lol so the first session my favorite talk was by Henry B Iring!!! He talked a lot about making and keeping covenants and that is so important. By doing that we are showing God we are willing to keep the commitments he is giving us like in missionary work. We ask investigators to keep commitments like read pray and go to church and then follow up. That’s so important because if we don’t follow up then the investigators won’t understand how important these commitments are!! By keeping commitments you will show God you can keep your covenants that you receive in the temple and at baptism. He talked a lot about Hope. I have a favorite scripture about hope that I share with people that seem like they need a little more hope in their lives. By having hope you will show God you have faith in him!! Ether 12:4 I know that if you have hope in your life you will have a stronger faith in the Lord and having faith in the Lord is so important to our lives as we show people around us that we have faith and hope in God. We will strengthen their hope and faith also! I promise you that if you have faith and hope in the Lord all will work out I can promise you that :) CTR always

Richard G Scott in the 2nd session on Saturday taught caring and repentance he talked a lot about love. Loving is a Powerful influence for those you love :) I have a scripture about love. It’s about how God is love and as we love ourselves and one another we are closer to God and we are becoming more like him 1John 4:7-9 God is Love :) something that i really loved that he said is marrying a faithful return missionary in the temple i love that i thought about it this way. men and women should strive to marry a return missionary and if the girl doesn’t go on a mission she should be preparing and do all she can to be like a missionary in her life. Now conference is all about being a missionary even the members :) missionaries and members have to work together!! One thing he said is focus your life in the Gospel!!! Testify pray and read it’s so important!! Teach everyone to love. Every one love everyone :) Robert D Hale says Endure to the end! Be Obedient always and be not tempted. Humble yourself :) honor God and keep all of His commandment. I know that if you do all good things you will be blessed and so much happier in life

Quinten L Cook talked about family history. In our ward the youth are doing indexing and it’s so cool. It makes me want to do more in family history work. Mom I’m so proud of you by being a missionary and taking Dana to the family history center it’s changing her life. You are planting seed in her life and in her family’s life. Keep following up. Keep serving and helping her. God will bless you for it. :0 We without our roots and branches cannot be saved!!! it is so true people are waiting so patiently for us to do their work. We have to strive to go to the temple at least once a week and do our family’s work. They have Accepted the gospel and all they want is to be baptized and sealed together for eternity :) Dieter F Uchtdorf said No true Endings only everlasting Beginnings. When he said that I felt the spirit so strong because it’s true. We are for eternity. Our lives will never really truly end. like Gary E Stevenson said The time is now you live here for a minute. Our life is so short here compared to eternity. ! It’s not YOLO (you only live once) that’s so wrong!!! LL4TE (Live Life For The Eternity) !!!!! We have one chance on this earth. Let’s live it right. lets be the best we can so when we get to heaven we can live in peace and rest. That is what I want for you, my friends and family. I want you to be so happy in this life. I want you to have hope and faith in God. I want you to have exact obedience in all you do. Be an example to everyone you come in contact with. Share your testimony all the time. It will help you grow. I do it every fast Sunday. it’s so scary and I never know what to say but when I’m up there the spirit guides me through it and i feel so much better when i do it. So my invitation to you is every fast Sunday pleas share your testimony. You never know who needs to hear it. Share what you are thankful for and what you know is true. I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. the spirit has testified it to me over and over again. I know through prayer and scripture study you will grow in your knowledge about this restored gospel. I know the book of Mormon is true without a doubt. I read it every single day and i don’t want to put it down. I’m so thankful for my family. My mom, the things she has taught me in life. The trials she has helped me through and the love she shows me every single day of my life. I’m grateful to my amazing dad who loves me and has taught me to be a hard worker and tells me to cowboy up when times get heard because it’s not the end of the world. He has helped me gain faith and hope in my life and he has helped me be a better more loving person. I’m so grateful to all my sisters and the examples they have shown me about being amazing mothers and sisters. They show me their love all the time and I know I’m closer to them because of this gospel :) I’m grateful for my loving Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ and his atonement. I’m grateful that I have an opportunity to repent and be better every day. I’m grateful for my friends and family and their willingness to go on missions and to be more Christ like in all that they do and being married and showing their love towards one another. That is so important to me. Thank you.

There is so much I learned in conference and i wish i could share it all but i can’t. one last thing that i know is so important and I’m so glad it was in conference because i asked myself everyday why we don’t do this. and that’s Preach my gospel. oh my gosh when M Russell Ballard talked about that I was soooo happy. we are all missionaries. I think I've said that in almost every one of my emails. We all need preach my gospel. If you study it in family home evening and in your Sunday school classes your children and you will be more prepared to be PMG missionaries :) i love you all so much and i miss you all. I hope you are all doing good. I sure am. I love my mission and I’m growing so much. I might never want to come home ;)I miss you all. Be safe and keep being amazing. Oh yea so we get to go to the temple on Wednesday !!!!!! I’m so excited!! so today isn't really Pday Wednesday will be lol we just get to email ok well love you

Love Sister Steen <3

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31, 2014

Last Monday we did service for a potential investigator. A lady that works for doctor Winters, the eye doctor. Well we got to help her make her garden look amazing. :) It was fun and we got to get to know her and her husband. They are really nice people. We got a new investigator this week. She was a referral from sister Funk and hermana Bernson. She wants to know more about family history and we got to teach her more about the book of Mormon. She is really excited. We have a church tour coming up with her. Our investigator Juan is amazing. He prayed for us after our last lesson with him. We told him he can pray in Spanish if that’s easier for him. He started off in Spanish than went to English. It was an amazing prayer and it made me so happy. We had specialized training and interviews this week. I talked to President Wear and he asked me if I was doing ok. I am. I am doing amazing! The work is hard here but it’s so amazing. You are always tired, all the time. But you manage to just deal with it because the work is so important!! The training was on the book of Mormon. I loved it! oh my gosh I love the book of Mormon! It’s the key stone to our religion!!! It’s what holds it all together. We are supposed to use the book of Mormon in everything we teach because it is that important. The book of Mormon answers any question you have. It’s amazing. I’ve prayed for help in so many things and I’ve sought out answers in the book of Mormon. I know the book of Mormon is true. That it will help you in your everyday lives and that it is the word of God. Heavenly Father loves us so much that he gave us this tool in our lives, this road map to help us return to our Heavenly Father. I want you all to no how much the book of Mormon means to me. One day we were tracting and this lady came to the door and told us that she doesn’t want to hear what we have to say. She has read that book of the Mormons and she has better things to do then to read that!! Instantly I just wanted to cry. I wanted to say to her how dare you talk about the book of Mormon like it’s nothing. But I didn’t. I told her to have a great day and smiled at her and walked away. I’ve learned love and patients through the book of Mormon. I’ve learned how to be more Christ like. The book of Mormon is the key to get back to Heavenly Father. Use it. Read it every single day. It’s so important!!!! We had women’s conference this week and it was so amazing. oh my gosh!! I cried it was so good. I missed my mommmy for sure but just being able to know my mom was watching it too helped :) during the conference a lady that was one of our potential investigators, but moved and is now the other sisters, had a seizure during the last two talks. It was really sad but she is ok now. She has epilepsy. We missed the last two talks so I’m sad about that. After the broadcast we were invited to go out to eat with an awesome lady in the elders ward. She asked us how we decided that we wanted to go on a mission and we both told her our story. On Saturday we did service for the Gibson’s, a less active family. We painted brother Gibson’s water truck. He was only expecting us to maybe get half of one side of the truck done but because my daddy taught me how to work hard we got the whole water truck painted in 2 hours. He was super impressed. The paint is oil based so we had to use paint thinner to get it off our hands. lol umm that was before the women’s broadcast. On Sunday we stopped by the Gibson’s. They had just finished the Spanish races that they held at their farm and Brother Gibson told us to tell our dads that he is really impressed how our daddies raised us and he is still shocked that we got that whole water truck done

Well I love you all and everything is amazing here!!!

Love Sister Steen