Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Ok so this week has been crazy! A lot has happened and I almost can’t remember what happened. We got a new investigator her name is Nea. Her son got baptized a couple months ago and she wants to know what it’s all about.
 We invited her and Linda to enrichment night and it was about purses. We weighed in our purses and me and Sister Davises where the heaviest. lol It was really fun. Linda is still on date for Baptism. I’m a little scared because Sister Davis is leaving today and my new companion apparently isn’t the hardest worker. She was Sister Davises companion up in the tri cities. I got a blessing before I found out who my companion was and it was one of the scariest blessings I ever got. It talked about how I need to keep working hard because the adversary is going to try and basically mess up my mission and how I need to have a lot of faith and humility so I was really nervous. Then when we got the call that Sister Harris was going to be my companion greenybuster Sister Davis said “Oh No!” so that didn’t help. lol Then she told me about her and now I know I really needed that blessing to keep me focused and keep working hard. I’m really scared to take over the area and stuff and having a new companion is really scary but I’m going to love her and be the best missionary I can Linda is going to be Baptized on The 4th of May please keep her in your prayers so she can make it. She is a sweet lady and I love her so much. She is one of the elect. She was prepared for us. Now the adversary is going to work hard on her but with faith I know she will make it. She has a lot to do before she gets baptized but she can do it. I really can’t think of anything else but I guess one last fun thing that happened is we helped prank the elders on Saturday and the members gave us permission to basically trash their apartment. We sprayed the grossest smelling perfume on their clothes and basically all over there apartment and we bought string and I got that job so i covered their house in string. It was so fun then that night we helped the elders prank the sisters we put confetti in the vents and when we dropped off the car we turned off the car and put the air on full blast haha it was really fun :)

 Well I miss you all I love my mission and I love finding and teaching these elect children of God!

Love always Sister Steen
 I WON!!!!

 Just some fun pictures with my district
 Easter waiting for our ride to dinner

We were waiting for the sisters to come out of the church for like 30 minutes and
 I was so tired I just passed out.

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