Monday, April 14, 2014

April 7 2014

This week has been amazing!!! We got a new Investigator Linda and she is so amazing. We had a church tour and she was scared at first because she heard so many scary things about our church. When we pulled up to the church she told me it wasn’t what she expected. At the end of the tour we asked how she felt and she said she was scared at first and now she feels really good and we told her that was the spirit testifying to her. She is in a place God wants her to be and she seemed really happy about that. She is definitely progressing!!!

We watched the Saturday conference at the stake center and it felt like Christmas lol so the first session my favorite talk was by Henry B Iring!!! He talked a lot about making and keeping covenants and that is so important. By doing that we are showing God we are willing to keep the commitments he is giving us like in missionary work. We ask investigators to keep commitments like read pray and go to church and then follow up. That’s so important because if we don’t follow up then the investigators won’t understand how important these commitments are!! By keeping commitments you will show God you can keep your covenants that you receive in the temple and at baptism. He talked a lot about Hope. I have a favorite scripture about hope that I share with people that seem like they need a little more hope in their lives. By having hope you will show God you have faith in him!! Ether 12:4 I know that if you have hope in your life you will have a stronger faith in the Lord and having faith in the Lord is so important to our lives as we show people around us that we have faith and hope in God. We will strengthen their hope and faith also! I promise you that if you have faith and hope in the Lord all will work out I can promise you that :) CTR always

Richard G Scott in the 2nd session on Saturday taught caring and repentance he talked a lot about love. Loving is a Powerful influence for those you love :) I have a scripture about love. It’s about how God is love and as we love ourselves and one another we are closer to God and we are becoming more like him 1John 4:7-9 God is Love :) something that i really loved that he said is marrying a faithful return missionary in the temple i love that i thought about it this way. men and women should strive to marry a return missionary and if the girl doesn’t go on a mission she should be preparing and do all she can to be like a missionary in her life. Now conference is all about being a missionary even the members :) missionaries and members have to work together!! One thing he said is focus your life in the Gospel!!! Testify pray and read it’s so important!! Teach everyone to love. Every one love everyone :) Robert D Hale says Endure to the end! Be Obedient always and be not tempted. Humble yourself :) honor God and keep all of His commandment. I know that if you do all good things you will be blessed and so much happier in life

Quinten L Cook talked about family history. In our ward the youth are doing indexing and it’s so cool. It makes me want to do more in family history work. Mom I’m so proud of you by being a missionary and taking Dana to the family history center it’s changing her life. You are planting seed in her life and in her family’s life. Keep following up. Keep serving and helping her. God will bless you for it. :0 We without our roots and branches cannot be saved!!! it is so true people are waiting so patiently for us to do their work. We have to strive to go to the temple at least once a week and do our family’s work. They have Accepted the gospel and all they want is to be baptized and sealed together for eternity :) Dieter F Uchtdorf said No true Endings only everlasting Beginnings. When he said that I felt the spirit so strong because it’s true. We are for eternity. Our lives will never really truly end. like Gary E Stevenson said The time is now you live here for a minute. Our life is so short here compared to eternity. ! It’s not YOLO (you only live once) that’s so wrong!!! LL4TE (Live Life For The Eternity) !!!!! We have one chance on this earth. Let’s live it right. lets be the best we can so when we get to heaven we can live in peace and rest. That is what I want for you, my friends and family. I want you to be so happy in this life. I want you to have hope and faith in God. I want you to have exact obedience in all you do. Be an example to everyone you come in contact with. Share your testimony all the time. It will help you grow. I do it every fast Sunday. it’s so scary and I never know what to say but when I’m up there the spirit guides me through it and i feel so much better when i do it. So my invitation to you is every fast Sunday pleas share your testimony. You never know who needs to hear it. Share what you are thankful for and what you know is true. I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. the spirit has testified it to me over and over again. I know through prayer and scripture study you will grow in your knowledge about this restored gospel. I know the book of Mormon is true without a doubt. I read it every single day and i don’t want to put it down. I’m so thankful for my family. My mom, the things she has taught me in life. The trials she has helped me through and the love she shows me every single day of my life. I’m grateful to my amazing dad who loves me and has taught me to be a hard worker and tells me to cowboy up when times get heard because it’s not the end of the world. He has helped me gain faith and hope in my life and he has helped me be a better more loving person. I’m so grateful to all my sisters and the examples they have shown me about being amazing mothers and sisters. They show me their love all the time and I know I’m closer to them because of this gospel :) I’m grateful for my loving Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ and his atonement. I’m grateful that I have an opportunity to repent and be better every day. I’m grateful for my friends and family and their willingness to go on missions and to be more Christ like in all that they do and being married and showing their love towards one another. That is so important to me. Thank you.

There is so much I learned in conference and i wish i could share it all but i can’t. one last thing that i know is so important and I’m so glad it was in conference because i asked myself everyday why we don’t do this. and that’s Preach my gospel. oh my gosh when M Russell Ballard talked about that I was soooo happy. we are all missionaries. I think I've said that in almost every one of my emails. We all need preach my gospel. If you study it in family home evening and in your Sunday school classes your children and you will be more prepared to be PMG missionaries :) i love you all so much and i miss you all. I hope you are all doing good. I sure am. I love my mission and I’m growing so much. I might never want to come home ;)I miss you all. Be safe and keep being amazing. Oh yea so we get to go to the temple on Wednesday !!!!!! I’m so excited!! so today isn't really Pday Wednesday will be lol we just get to email ok well love you

Love Sister Steen <3

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