Monday, April 14, 2014

Hey family!!!! I miss your faces!!!!!!

ok so this week we have been home alone and The Blacks have nocturnal animals so every noise freaked us out. Why? Because we went upstairs the day the Blacks left and bishop had left a note that said that his work has been telling everyone that they are out of town and to set the alarm.
 Scary right? haha but this week has been so amazing! we got to go to the temple on Wednesday and it’s so pretty. We went to the Tri-cities so Kenniwick and sister Aken and her best friend took us. She is so funny. I love her. She took a pic of us and texted it to our moms before we went in the temple :)
 my mom texted back and said thanks :0 it felt strange knowing that my mom had texted her back. It made me really happy :) then we had P-day after that. Amy Aken texted us and told me that she left something on the yellow chair outside of our house. She gave me her favorite jacket. the elders in her ward told me it was super expensive and she won’t take it back. She said she feels happy giving a missionary something so i try to wear it like every day and take really good care of it. 
  lol umm we did so much service this week. It was so happy!!! a member in our wards son is our investigator and she asked us to help her. So we had the elders come help too. I ended up scooping this nasty pond water out of this little pond and there were dead fish in it. Elder Wolfgrahm threw one at me. Ewww!! haha then when we got done there we helped the elders do service. Her yard was a mess. It took us 2 days to get it done.
Then we had a stake day of service and we helped at that and got it done really fast. Sister Funk went to the ER because she got poked by a needle that was in a bag. She might get Hepatitis c eww sad right. the work is moving along and Sister Davis is leaving for Brazil soon so I’ll be getting a new companion. mother’s day is coming up and I’m counting down the days because I get to talk to my Mom :) 2 days ago i don’t know why but it hit me that I’m meant to be here and I’m actually loving it so much! our new investigator is so golden and so sweet :) the Elders pranked us and tied us into our house with fishing string.
We went outside to take a picture of Sister Davis on her 1 year mark and we couldn’t get out of our house lol when we finally got out we heard this guy singing this crazy Hindu song. Sister Davis recorded it. Sadly i didn’t have my camera. Oh well. This week has just been super crazy and strange. It went by so slow but so fast at the same time. I don’t even remember what happened. oh I got a package from the fudge factory :)a cute little egg with my name on it. It made me so happy. it’s hard being on a mission when you hear about your home town all the time. lol Nauvoo this Nauvoo that haha it makes me a little home sick but I’m concentrating on the people that need me so that always helps :) being a missionary is so fun and it helps you grow so much. We had dinner with the Dearringers and they told me about the mudslide. I am glad everyone in our family is ok. We also had another dinner with a new family in the ward and it was the most awkward dinner ever. They wouldn’t really talk to us and if we asked questions they either didn’t answer or they answered with one word. lol oh well. We were asked by Brother Cluff to go to a mission prep class that was really fun. I know this church is true. I’m so proud to me a member and a missionary of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints. My testimony is growing every day and I love being in the Kennewick WA mission :) i miss you all and love you so much

Love sister Steen

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