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What a long stressful week. June 16, 2014

 The chapel we go to
The BEST place to eat in Yakima

Oh my gosh this week has been crazy and long!!! Well at the first of this week we were walking down the road and this car honks at us. So like we missionaries do best we wave and out of nowhere a rock hits the sidewalk and flies up and hits my companion in the arm. Who freaking throws rocks at people?!! Come on!! So our week started off on a bad note! We got bashed a couple times. The worst one was this lady, we got a referral from a member and this lady basically told us if we believe in Christ then we don’t need to believe in Joseph Smith. so we explained to her about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she just went off on us and said there is no way we believe in Jesus if we believe in Joseph smith because for some reason people think we think Joseph smith is equal to Christ. When we tried to explain that we don’t worship Joseph Smith they say yes you do and it’s like umm I’m pretty sure I would know if I worship Joseph smith and not Christ. And I’m pretty sure Christ is my Savior and redeemer. So at those times you just have to walk away because some people just don’t want to accept it and that’s ok. We did all we could and it was time to go. We had to go back to the other bashers house to get our dvd. We left it with them and it turned out to be ok. The dad was there and he was still really scary but he is just the type of guy that likes to debate. When we wouldn’t he would give up for a while. We saw him the next day when we were going out to eat for lunch. He wants us to go back because his daughter likes to talk to us. Every time I go there I feel scared like I’m going to get yelled at out of nowhere but it’s whatever. Well we took the James family on a church tour and it was awesome. We asked when they come to know the church is true will they be baptized? The dad said yes and then when we tried to put them on date he said no. That was hard but one day they will be ready. Luther came to church on father’s day. He is 89 years old and that Saturday we had the most amazing lesson with him. We asked him to pray to know if this church is true. When he came to church sacrament meeting was just so good. The spirit was so strong. So when we went over to his house later that day we asked him if he got his answer and he said yes. He knows the church is true but he wants to keep looking at other churches just in case. That made me really sad. After dinner we went to Gary’s house. So Gary is this guy we tracted in to. He opened the door with no shirt on and a gun on his belt with a neck brace on. A tree broke his neck. Well we ended up giving a book of Mormon. We went back to see how he was doing and when we knocked on the door he opened it hair soaking wet and he was in his underwear. He was like oh well I’m no more naked then I was last time you ladies came. He ran back in and got dressed. His daughter let us in and we talked to her for a while. She is 23 and her husband is in the National Guard. Well we ended up getting her as a new investigator along with her dad and she is going to enrichment night with us. It’s going to be so fun. We asked Gary if he has read any of the Book of Mormon. He said no he has been busy. Well he was telling us that he is Bahia. I was really not sure if that was a religion but I guess it is. He was telling us about it and I was like, you’re pretty much a Mormon. It was funny. Well we had to go so he said he had to go to the store and he would walk with us until we had to split ways. Well as we were walking he asked us “do you pray for people?” We said yes and he said he is trying to quit smoking and he needs us to pray for him because he is praying and is not working well. I asked him if he wanted a blessing and he said yes so we got ahold of the bishop and he met them at the church. Well the blessing was mind-blowing because we thought it was going to be about his smoking and it had nothing to do with that. Basically it said repent and be baptized. It was scary because we barely know the guy. The blessing was super bold. Well we opened our eyes and Gary was crying. If you saw Gary you would never think he would cry in front of people. It was amazing. He gave Bishop Black and Brother Tanner a hug and shook are hand and said thank you so much with tears in his eyes. That’s what a mission is all about. It is helping people come closer to Christ and if I get doors slammed in my face and rocks thrown at me every day that’s ok because I helped someone come closer to Christ. He said he is going to church next week! it was an amazing end of the week by far :)

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