Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 30, 2012

I don't have a lot to say because I just wrote Thursday. I got to go on exchanges this week because my comp was sick and I needed to get out and do some missionary work. So it was scary but it was fun because I got to know sister Gamble better. Not a lot happened but at dinner we had lasagna and i was so happy because i love lasagna. After that we just tracted and at the very last door a miracle happen. a guy named Dale came out the other door and we were talking to him and he was telling us he has a lot of LDS friends and people he works with. So at that point i just assumed he has gone to church at our church. He told us he has gone to lots of different churches and hasn’t found the right one yet. None of them have just felt right. I was a little sad then we asked if he has ever gone to our church and he was like you know i haven’t. I just got really happy and was like oh my gosh if he goes to our church he is just going to know and feel like it’s the right church. We invited him to church and asked if he wanted to go on a church tour first. We invited him to do that and he just seemed really excited and happy that we asked like he has just been waiting for someone to invite him. He isn’t in my area which was sad he was in sister Gambles but i know he will find the right church soon. :) After church on Sunday we went to visit some people Lorenzo set up an appointment with us for Tuesday. I’m excited for that. Then we went to a potential investigators home her name is Sheila. She is a little crazy and I’m kind of scared of her. haha but we were able to help her move some big stuff to her office. She was so thankful she told us we were an answer to her prayers :) after that we were talking to her and she loves to share what she calls testimonies with us. Like what God has done for her. Everything in her life is a testimony. It’s really cool though because she was talking about fasting and how she wanted to do a 40 day fast and when she was talking about it she was saying God wants us to finish what we start and he wants to help us finish it :) he doesn’t like when we give up because that is like us losing faith or giving up on God. At this time it really answered my own prayers. I’ve been having a really hard transfer and I was really ready to give up and go home because it’s the easy way out and I know my family loves me and will make all the hard stuff go away. I realized that if i go home I’m giving up and losing faith that God will help me get through my trials. So I decided to stop thinking about going home and stop saying poor me I am going through too much i need to give up. I’m growing so much right now and I have to have faith that God will get me through the storm. It’s funny that crazy Sheila, the one lady I’m scared of helped me and helped me see the answer to my prayers. After that we had to go to dinner so we prayed with her and Sister Harris told her that she might have an Ulcer. so Sheila during the prayer decided she would put her hands on sister Harris’ stomach and cast the demons and bad things out. hahaha I held back my giggles. It surprised us. It was just so funny she was just trying to help. She is really a good lady. After that we had dinner at the Woods house and we stopped by to see Sandra. We haven’t been able to really teach her. We are more of the girls that listen to all her problems and do service for her occasionally. haha she is a sweet lady. While we were walking home Amanda another potential investigator, Gary’s daughter, saw us walking as she was driving by and picked us up. She took us home. It was really sweet of her! Her husband is in the National Guard and he is coming home on Wednesday so we are going to help her make cupcakes! I’m pretty exited :) well that’s my week. I love you all so much and miss you so much too :)

Love Sister Steen

 This is Gary. He is the guy who always has his gun on his hip.

My mom always asks me about my eye therapy so... This is me doing eye therapy. 
It's funny because I look cross eyed. 
 This is all the stuff I use for my eye therapy.

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