Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Hey everyone so this week was good :) yesterday our investigators fed us dinner. We had steak. It was so good and he gave me this huge cup full of Pepsi! Oh man! I wish I took a picture. It was soo cool. I love the Castenon family :) I shared my testimony in church on Sunday and I was still pretty scared but it was good. Our investigator Luther, the 89 year old, came to church and stayed for 2nd hours :) he was getting pretty tired at the end so he ended up going home which is fine. He’s a good guy. He is slowly progressing. umm on the 4th of July we went to a pancake breakfast and we invited a bunch of investigators and random people we talk too. Sadly no one showed up. It was sad. For dinner we went to the Tew’s dads house. He had a huge pool party and lots of people were there. The pool was huge and had a rock waterfall and a rock waterslide. Man i wish i had my camera then. It was awesome we didn’t swim cuz we are missionaries. Darn it! haha but the food was good. We had to be in at 6 though so the sisters slept over and we roasted marshmallows and slept on the trampoline. That was fun. The night before me and Sister Harris slept on the trampoline too and we saw a huge shooting star. it was sweet! On the 4th we had cupcakes. It was really fun! The sad part of this week is none of our investigators where home. Well most of them weren’t and that’s never fun. I did eye therapy and during it he asked me to think of holidays while walking on a balance beam. I was doing good then my mind went blank. ugh so he gave me a hint which was pumpkin pie. i said Halloween everyone laughed. i was really confused. then i realized he wanted my answer to be thanksgiving. It was embarrassing but its funny :)

Love sister Steen
 Random selfie just cuz
 happy 4th cupcakes :D 
 slept on the tramp on the 4th with the sisters
amazing pasta salad 
sleeping on the tramp
Me and Sister Harris

my horse
 fire lol

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