Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Scary Art

ok ok so this week has been weird. hahaha can’t really remember what happened but i do know we have a bunch of new investigators and some formers as well which is amazing. Woot! We have been doing service a lot. We were walking one day and i saw this old guy sweeping his drive way. so we went over there and i talked to him while sister Harris swept and then we traded off and we got it done in no time. it was a hot day poor guy :) umm we have this couple that has been investigating the church for a while. We call them internigators. haha they are so cool! He is a huge gamer but he isn’t in to that xbox life. Just PlayStation. it’s what ev!! He still likes the same games i do so it’s cool. So he is so good that the company lets him play for them and if he sees people cheating he can call them and they will find the person and watch them for a while and if they catch them cheating he will kick them off. He has this man cave full of OH MAN millions of dollars’ worth of things. Signed posters and action figures and he is really in to star wars! oh man!! I’ll have to ask him if i can take pictures for you all. It’s pretty sweet! well me and sister Harris decided that we are going to help them move to their new apartment today instead of going to pday because we can do anything on pday and service is just better all around. We are kinda sick of all the drama in our zone so we are just staying in Yakcity today :) we have an investigator who is 89 years old. He is a cute old man and in our last appointment with him at the end he gave us a hug and he decided to kiss my neck. it was funny and sister Harris and our member there both got cheek kisses. I don’t know why but i always get the strange neck kisses from old people. bahaha I better wear a turtle neck ;) anyway Linda is still on date for the 31!! She needs all the prayers she can get though because the adversary is working on her which is scary! i miss you all and love you so much have an amazing week :)

Love Sister Steen

We were tracting in our neighborhood and long story short an Indian guy gave us pepsi. He wants us to give him a Book of Mormon but we have to bring it to the Shell gas station that he owns. Ha ha Rich people ;-)

 This is what I see every day. The orchards are so pretty. I think this is a peach one.
 Our neighborhood
 Cheela the chinchilla. We were home alone and we just wanted to hold the chinchilla. It took forever but we finally did it! Ha ha
Game night. This is Sister Harris. It was freaking awesome! Long story short. I WON!!!

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