Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

:( it’s been a pretty rough week on Wednesday we got our phone stolen and Linda our investigator took herself off date :( then Thursday we had a pretty solid phone call with a former so we set up an appointment and we visited with him and his father in law. The whole time he was bashing us and all i wanted to do was cry. The father in law was really nice though and he wants us to come back. He wants to start going to our church. We finally asked the younger guy if the spirit told you the church was true would that be enough and he laughed and said no it wouldn't so we left after that but we are going back for the father in law. it scares me but i have enough faith in God that one man can’t make me doubt my faith. it’s scary though. sometimes you catch yourself second guessing yourself and i think that’s one big reason that you have a companion. I’m so blessed i have a companion like sister Harris. she has seen me at my lowest point on my mission. we did service on Friday morning and again on Saturday morning. on Saturday after our service for a Potential investigator. I had to just sit down because i was getting a really bad stress headache. After a while i just walked away because i thought i was going to be sick but i didn't and i walked back. Karen, our investigator, told us we can be done. I felt so bad. So we left and when we got home i basically just got out of the car as fast as i could and just threw up. so my companion literately has seen me at my lowest. i was sick the rest of the day Saturday and all day Sunday. I’m feeling a little better today. I’m just sad that i haven’t been able to go teach people the Gospel :( Faith is the Power. Obedience is the Price. Love is the Motive. The Spirit is the Key, and Jesus Christ is the Reason! Even in the lowest points of your life God is there for you he will never give up on you so we should never give up on him give him your all he deserves at least that much!!

the spirit only makes you feel peace and happiness it never makes you feel sad or confused when you feel the negative things in life it is not of God. i learned that this week I’m so grateful for my companion!! im sorry not a lot has happened this week i love you all!!

Love sister steen

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