Friday, January 17, 2014

First email from the MTC

I MISS YOU!!! <3333

ok so i got to the MTC and right away i just felt how much the spirit is already here. Its been really scary but i think I'm more exited then scared! the first day my companion didn't get here because her flight got cancelled because of the weather. she got here yesterday and is an amazing out going person. I love her. her name is sister Andrus. Anyway our first day was cool, I got to know the girls in my district and we are an all sisters district which is a blessing for me ;) lol and we already had 3 (investigators) it was exciting. I had lots of ideas and stuff but every time i wanted to say something someone already said it and I was scared. sooo I was ok and relieved some one was thinking the same thing. Yesterday was a very emotional, scary and exciting day for me. We have our own class room and we pretty much are in there most of the day and so we are going to have our first real 2 on 1 investigator. I'm really exited but also a little stressed about it. Then after that call we had our branch president come and his companions and their wives came and talked to us forever which was really cool even tho i was sooo tired. lol every body that sees me is like "you have a glow to you". its so funny :D umm I know I'm missing a lot and i haven't had like anytime at night to write in my journal so i will definitely work on my time management skills. haha anyway so sometime before our big meeting with president Stice one of our teachers took me out and was asking if I'm ok lol I know why everyone was asking me that cuz I was sure that I have been smiling since i got here and kinda crying lol but mostly happy cries haha so she asked me if i was ok reading in front of people and i was like oh yea haha and we just had this real nice talk about everything and why I'm going on a mission and we both cried. I cried so much yesterday i didn't really cry the day i got here.I think it just hit me. anyway so she knows I'm willing and exited to serve a mission and that yes I'm scared but mostly I'm exited. so after that meeting me and sister Andrus went to the bathroom and when we got back they asked us to go to a different class room. we thought we were in trouble cuz we went to the bathroom lol then we sat down and were talking. He called us to be Sister Training Leaders which pretty much means we show the the new elders and sisters coming in to the MTC next week what they are suppose to to and we teach them in their class rooms a little. Its so scary and there is a lot more to it. We pick up the mail and stuff I'm still learning so u will prob hear more about that later. anyway i was really excited to have that call to be a training leader and then they gave us all this stuff to learn and then i was still ok but i was thinking to my self can i do this and then i think about my companion and how she will be right there if i need help and we have each others backs and we are not alone and that's really nice.

We went to the temple today. ahhhh it is so pretty. so many crystal chandlers and so many mirrors every where. hey i think it might be my favorite temple ;) lol

ok so yesterday we had gym time and there are two other girls going to Kennewick Washington and I love them. I love that they are in my district and my room sister Tuigamala is like me. haha any way we always joke around like oh I'm so amazing at basketball and oh you are so conceded and oh I'm awesome, haha its just really nice to have someone like here in the MTC that jokes around like i do and stuff. anyway her companion is so cute. She always tries to joke around and look serious at the same time. So when she says something I think she is for real and I'm like oh sorry! and then i realize she is joking. love her. her name is sister Pugh. love her. anyway Me and my companion checked the mail and I got 2 Dear Elder letters which i haven't read yet and i got a package from the Collings! I'm so exited to see whats in it. I have only 1 hour to write so i hope i have told you everything. lastly i just want you all to know that my testimony has really grown in the few days that I've been here I'm learning patients with my companion and I love her for it. I was scared i wasn't ready to do this but now i know I'm ready to give my life over to the Lord and teach the gospel. i love my district and am so happy that its all sisters. its a big blessing. My reading has definitely gotten better. I studied yesterday alone and I did so much better then i ever have. It was so awesome. I know lots of people don't understand what I'm going through but know that I'm excited and I'm never giving up even when it gets hard which it got hard last night but I'm doing everything I'm supposed to even the little things. I'm going to be the best me I can be and be obedient always. I took lots of pictures but you will see them later. I got to go. I love you all. Pray for me I really need it!!!!!

Love Sister Steen

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