Friday, January 24, 2014

Letter number 2 from the MTC

I just got back from the temple and it was nice to just get out. I'm doing better. It's hard here but I'm sticking it out. my companion is my complete opposite and its hard but i love her anyway. She is making me a stronger missionary. I don't have much time. Just keep writing me letters. We get them every day. We get to buy calling cards for when we go to the airport. We have like 5 hour on it so I'm going to call you. I hope everyone is doing good still. Send me a picture of Amber's baby when she has it. Tell dad I love him and I'm definitely cowboying up out here :) I wont be back on my email until I'm in Washington. So I met a really nice elder here he is going to kinda where Larissa lives. He's very good looking and is a very sweet guy I'm so exited for him to serve in Brazil. Well im doing ok i had a really hard couple days but its a pday so I'll get through it. Sister Pugh and Sister T are always there for me and always make me happy so im doing so much better.
I love you. Tell everyone especially Sage Amber Dad and Alyson to send me dear elder letters please! Its really uplifting when i get a letter! Your letters really helped me get through the week. I have one more week! haha
love u all!
Sister Steen

If you are interested in sending a letter via DEAR ELDER it is free and if you write it before noon Mountain Time it will be delivered to her that day. If after noon it will be delivered the next day. You will need the information from her Mailing address.

If you send snail mail just remember she will be leaving the MTC JAN 28th

Lacey's Mailing Information
Sister Lacey Catherine Steen
2009 N 900 E Unit 164
Provo UT 84602

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