Monday, February 3, 2014

First P-Day

February 3, 2014

Hey Family!!! I miss you all so much!!!

Ok so after i got off the phone with my family i was a little sad because i miss u all so much and i was scared to go to Washington. the flight was a little rough it was cloudy the whole way there. I met this elder that is going to kennewick and he is spanish speaking. he is tall and he had a dog with his girl friend. i tried not to laugh at him haha. Well i told him i like his watch and he took it off and let me see it. i asked him how do you read a watch like this and he said first you need to turn it the right way and ever since then all the elders on the plane make fun of me because i cant read watches haha. i struggle. ;P anyway we got to Washington and met the mission president :) he is soo cool. I love him and his wife. We all loaded up and went to the mission home. the sisters got to stay there that night and I'm not sure where the elders went but the beds where so comfy. i slept sooooo goood. before we went to bed we were just getting to know each other and and the mission president was giving us fruit snacks and he threw me mine and i caught it.Then he was like wow you're a baller. bahaha so after that he just kept throwing fruit snacks at me all different ways and i did eat them alllll ;) anyway he is the best mission president ever. When we woke up the next day we took lots of pictures. Then went to the church where we had an interview with President Ware to see who our companion is going to be and where we will be transferred first. well I'm In Yakama zone Yakama 5th ward and my companion is sister Davis. She is flipping awesome. I was so scared she was going to be like my last companion sister Andres I really struggled with her. i loved her and was grateful for her. She helped me love more but it was defiantly hard. So it took about an hour and 1/2 to get from kennewick to Yakima. we took the truck, they call it the seahawk lol after the football team. its a light blue truck. i had to sit in the front seat which at the end of that ride my rear end hurt so bad and i was in a dress so it was just super uncomfortable being in between to elders lol and we had 6 people in the truck 3 elders and 3 sisters. i met my companion in Yakima and we share a car so we had to wait for the sisters to come back. It started raining a bit lol then we finally got the car and went to our house. We live with bishop Black and his cute family. cool story so they use to live in IL area where our old stake president lives haha and she was in Nauvoo when they were building the temple haha we live in their basement its not what i was expecting but we have a big room and the bed is comfy so I'll be ok for now ;) then we went straight out and went tracking scariest moment of my life! but now i love tracting. I got home unpacked and then sister Black took us to Walmart so i could get bedding and some food. We have one lady on date to get baptized her name is Angie F she is kinda older and she is supper skinny. She was suppost to be done smoking Friday and so far so good. We keep praying that she can do it and i would love it if you guys put her in your prayers. She is on date for Feb 14th I did my first church tour 2 days ago and had the elders show us kinda what it would be like and after that i was terrified :9 then when it happened and Juan got there it was so different and he really felt the spirit. He is such a nice guy and i really think he will be baptized in the future. He isn't one of our investigators yet but he will hopefully be this week :) Tracting Saturday was awful lol everything that could have went wrong did. We had the car so we went to the far away places we couldn't walk and people have dogs everywhere here and so they have fences. so the first house had like a gate on the front porch and we didn't know how to get to the door because the steps where like not steps. it was dangerous looking haha We finally figured it out and the lady was really nice she didn't really want to hear what we had to say but we asked if she needed anything and she said no our house burnt down a month ago but we got everything figured out. She had a big dog but it was sweet. We left and it started getting darker. we got to this one house where it was so dark and there was a fence all around the house so we tried to open that gate and it wouldn't open it was so awkward. My companion broke the gate and we didn't know how to fix it in the dark so we made it so it wouldn't fly open and kinda just walked away. We went to a ladys house and i don't no how but i didn't see this like glass window thing on the ground and i almost stepped on it. i like stepped on the frame, saw it and did this weird spin out on it. Me and my companion sister Davis laughed so hard i was like shhhhh she cant know i just did that. I was so embarrassed haha she was a nice lady and was friends with people in our church but she didn't want to hear what we had to say. no one did. after that we just decided to pick the other sisters up. I was having a hard day so on Sunday. The mission president asked us to bear our testimony and i did. It was way scary but it was worth it. I was fasting and I started getting really sick so after church I went home and ate and took a power nap. Then we went to a less active members house. She is such a sweet lady. I cant remember names but she kinda gave us a thought she read off her phone and it was amazing. then she gave us a ride home because the super bowl was about to start and the mission president wants us all to do weekly study during that. So it was nice getting all the studying in and stuff. Sister Black forgot we were in the house and set the alarm so it went off on us when we went upstairs to eat dinner it was the scariest thing yet. I thought we where getting attacked. it was ear piercing haha o my days all these thing happened and i haven't even been in Yakima for a week hahaha.

oh and i also got attacked by a tree branch the second day i was here. Me and my companion decided that we struggle but its ok!! Every day a different family feeds us and they're all so nice. During prayer on Sunday they called me Sister Stine haha it was funny. Oh i got a text the other day saying my sister amber had a healthy baby girl and i was so exited i cried hahaha i just looked at the pics of her. she is a doll :) well its my first p day and I'm excited to shop and hang out with all the missionaries. i am sending letters today to all the family and i will work on sending more :) i love you all I will send some pics of my adventures!

Love Sister Steen

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