Monday, February 17, 2014


February 17, 2014

ok so it’s been a super stressful week. We had Angie’s baptism so that was probably the source of the stress. It was my first baptism and all of her friends kept calling me and Sister Davis and getting mad because this wasn’t done even though it was all figured out and ready to go. blah old people are mean. lol anyway the day of the baptism we got a call saying maybe the songs are to bold because there will be non-members there and all this silly stuff that didn’t even matter and we told her that Angie didn’t want to change and she got all mad. So then we got to the church to fill up the font and turn on the heat in the chapel and one of the ladies that has been getting mad at us was there looking for a wheelchair. So we helped looks for it and couldn’t find it so she acted like it was all our fault. lol So we just let her do her thing and we got the font full got everything ready and Angie showed up and then one of the ladies came up to us all mad because Angie didn’t have her jump suit and we were super confused because Angie texted us like 2 days before telling us she picked it out so we went in the bathroom where the jumpsuits were and Angie was in there. We asked her about it and she was telling us it’s in that cupboard. I had the key and opened it. Sure enough there was her jump suit and we tried to tell her friend that she already had it and she just walked past us with a different one from the men’s room. blah so I got a little emotional. Then someone asked us when the Elders were going to be there. We looked at each other and were like this is our baptism not the elders. lol I broke down crying because I didn’t understand why it was so hard and why people are so mean. But then the baptism happened and we sang for Angie and it turned out amazing she looked soooo happy. We got some pictures with her but lots of missionaries before us came and I just met Angie so i understood that i wasn’t a favorite but Sister Davis has been through it all with Angie so it made me sad for her. that’s the biggest thing that happened this week.

The weather is warming up. I love it here and its funny everyone is like I’m not letting you go home and I’m like why would i go home. lol I had a headache for like 2 days I’m used to headaches so it just make me laugh. :) ohhh Bishop Black adjusted my back. It was a little strange but it made me feel so much better :) and our ward mission leader Brother Wood was giving us really good dating advice. He said I should write a book. lol I would read it after my mission that is ;) haha he is a cool guy I’m pretty sure his wife is pregnant but they haven’t told anyone so I’ll keep it on the DL until I know for sure lol

So i love tracting it’s my favorite thing to do. it’s funny how scared old people are of us. it’s like we are little girls to them and they are terrified of us. It makes me a little sad. last night we had to walk and it was super windy and i was wearing the wrong dress for the wind. i was freaking out making sure my skirt wasn’t flying up haha but it’s been a grate mission so far. The 15th was my one month mark. Wow! its already been a month. i haven’t had lots of time to write but I’ll work on it

P.S i keep having depressing dreams one was i got shot in the Wal-Mart parking lot by a Mexican but in the end he got baptized ;) and the most recent one was sister Davis chopped my hair off while i was sleeping. It was so depressing. i woke up and like couldn’t believe that i had a dream like that. i told her about it last night and it was pretty funny. she knows I’m growing it out for when i get home and hopefully get married. So if she chopped it off I would probably die. lol Just kidding but i have the craziest dreams here :) well the sad part of my mission is we are dropping like 3 people because they are not progressing and its hard because I just met them but I know it’s the right thing to do. I promise now that the baptism is done i will have a lot more happy things happen :) i love you all and miss you all.


Sister Lacey Steen

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