Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm a Mormon!! I know it! I live it! I love it!!!

February 10, 2014

ok so it’s been a really really hard week but i do know that’s only because Angie is getting baptized this weekend on the 14th yay. We just got her program done last night. She is kind of a crazy lady. She makes things way more complicated then then they need to be. lol me and sister Davis are just so glad we are companions lol on Saturday we picked up the sister training leaders at the stake center and on the way home they asked us if we read lock your heart. We said nope not yet why? and they just giggled and told us we should read it. Then we got to the end of our street which is a hill and we couldn’t make it up because of how bad it has been snowing the past 3 days. When I got out to get the ice off the windshield wipers the training leaders told my companion sister Davis that she needs to be careful about how she acts around elder Crane which mad me super mad because he is the one that needs to be careful because she doesn’t like him and he likes her and just the way they told her and the way they were acting was super inappropriate but anyway I’m getting a blessing today because it’s just been a really hard and depressing week and i don’t really feel like killing a sister next week ;) jk I wouldn’t do that but it’s rough. There are no cute elders here so I’m super happy about that so I don’t need to worry. All I need is to focus on is the Lords work.

This week went by super-fast. On Thursday we went to dinner at the Cluffs. they’re an awesome family. I’m super bad with names. I’m working on it but after we were done eating brother Cluff was asking me all these questions and then he was like have you met the Cluffs yet? and I’m like ummmmmm that name sounds super familiar lol and then I look at sister Davis and she’s like these are the Cluffs. My face got super-hot. I was so embarrassed. They just laughed lol they are an awesome family. I definitely connected with them. So 3 of sister Cluffs kids have diabetes and so does her husband. It was super sad hearing all the stories. It makes me so happy sage has never had a seizure. It sounds so scary and she told me they will never us a glucose pen again because it makes them super sick and throw up and just sounded so bad. So they squeeze sugar in to his mouth until he comes back. it’s so sad I love sage so much and would never want her to go through that, I shared a scripture with them about God is love 1 John 4:7-9 it’s one of my favorites and its February so it’s perfect. (Deus e amor) God is love. Sunday church got canceled because of the snow and President Wear called and said if your church is closed then make Sunday a day of rest and day of worship and a day of service. So that’s what we did, we helped Bishop Black shovel his drive and we helped this lady shovel hers. I slipped. My boots are definitely not made for the snow lol oh well. I am wishing I had my cowboy boots ;) umm we went out and got 10 OYM's, Open your mouths ,which was awesome and then we went to the church and watched one of the joseph smith movies. I found dad in it and showed my companion. I’m so proud of dad :) I love you guys and miss u sooo much!

So on Saturday we were trying to get 12 OYM's. The last house we went to a younger guy answered and for some reason i can’t handle when Sister Davis like poses and then says hi we are missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. So I’m always saying it. lol I hate awkward silences and that’s all she does. I love her though. So I said that and I asked if we can share a message with him he said yes it was way funny because the whole time he was looking at the snow. It was turning in to a blizzard. It was crazy. He felt so bad for us. We had the car. Any way I shared my favorite scripture again and I said well I’ll share 1 john 4:7-9 because it’s almost valentine’s day and he just smiled at me. bahaha flirt to convert right ;) anyway after that I shared a short testimony about how we have to love one another to love God and how if everyone could love one another the world would be a better place and he agreed then I gave him our card and said to call us if he wanted to know more. We got to the car and he texted us lol he told us to stay warm and that we should probably get out of the snow soon. We told him thanks we will and thanks for his concern he said no problem and thanks for stopping by. Hopefully he will want to know more. Cross my fingers. Any way on Saturday we had an investigator. His name is Ted and his grandkids he has custody over. We really feel like they are ready to be preparing for baptism. I know Ted is feeling like he isn’t ready because the hatred he has over his daughter that is a meth addict but i told him that when he gets baptized it will be easier for him to forgive her and that that’s what the sacrament is for to renew our baptismal covenants. I really wanted to cry when he told me he didn’t want to be a hypocrite and be baptized and go back to the way he was. But he believes it all. He just is having a hard time forgiving his daughter and i wanted to tell him he is being a hypocrite by believing and not doing :( i really care about this man. He wants the best for these kids but they won’t get baptized until their grandpa does because they are scared and they have problems from the drugs so they are slow but they understand so much more then u would think. ugg I know i need to be more converted in to the gospel before I can help them and I’m working on it. It makes me feel like a failure as a missionary that i can’t help this man with this simple thing. I definitely need a blessing. i couldn’t get one yesterday because how bad the snow was but that’s ok. We are going to try harder to help this man and these kids. I want them to feel the love and happiness i feel in this church. I’m learning some Portuguese because my companion Sister Davis is waiting for her Visa to go to Brazil. She has been waiting 8 months. i didn’t bring my notes with me but i sent mom some so she can add it to this :) i will come home speaking some Portuguese ;) maybe. hahah My testimony has gotten so strong here and my reading has improved. No one knows I’m dyslexic. Sometimes i bring myself down when i have a bad reading day but my companion always says you’re doing sooo good though. So I’m working on not letting little things like that bring me down. This investigator Juan, i keep wanting to call him June, bahaha there’s my dyslexic side for you, sister Davis keeps laughing at me. We have a white board in the room with our investigators on it and in parentheses we put June for his name. hehe Juan he is awesome he really wants to know more and I really think he will be baptized :)

i might get to drive soon but I’m not too worried if i cant. i don’t like driving in places I’m not used to. the snow here really isn’t that bad and when we get stuck I’m like oh just back up and try again lol then it’s all good I’m from Nauvoo i got this ;) anyway i think that’s about it.

Here are some cute pics of us :) and the snow

Well i got to go. I love you all so much. Remember God is love and through him all things are possible. Open your mouths to all. Invite all to feel the love you feel from your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. All you have to say is what church you belong to and miracles will happen. I know it in my heart and as you open your mouth have faith in God that miracles will happen. Pray always. Attend church always and repent when needed. Pray for comfort and pray for others. God can do all things as long as you have faith.

Love Sister Lacey Steen

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