Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hey everyone so I went bowling last Monday so fun! This week has been long and exiting things are starting to happen here in Yakima. We went tracting the other day and every person that came to the door was soooo mean. One guy just was so angry that we had the nerve to come to his house. We asked him what church he went to and he swore at us and said none of you D business. As we were telling him to have a great day he slammed the door in are faces and I seriously wanted to cry. OK I did cry. Then we went to a house where this man was out looking at a bush in his yard. I asked him how he was doing and introduced us as the missionaries. He was so nice and he told us how he found God. It was amazing. He isn’t strong in his church which is good. We didn’t have much time to talk to him so we gave him a restoration pamphlet and our card. We told him he should read it and he seemed really excited. Ii really hope he does. His name was Sid. That all happened last night. a couple nights before we were tracting and like 4 people told us to come back and that they are interested in hearing more. :) So cool. I’m so exited I can see God answering my prayers in the smallest portions and it’s so exciting to see. Last night we went to the Russell’s house. They are members and he is in the bishopric. We got to go role play with them and teach them a lesson. I got supper nervous I knew what to say but was afraid to say it wrong. but at the end I shared my testimony and just was crying and I don’t know why. He was crying and his wife was crying and then he told me that I did so good. I just need to be confident and he knows I know what to say I just need to say it. I just started crying because I felt like a terrible missionary and he said he loves me and is so glad I’m in their ward. I cried some more. I just need to have more faith and just say what I know I need to say and not be afraid. I’m working on my confidence I’ve grown so much the past month and over 1/2 that I’ve been out here. I love the people and my ward. I’m not getting transferred yet. haha still being trained but I might get to drive soon. :D Our investigator Connie came to church. We were shocked and so happy. I found out that I’m related to a family in the ward. I was going to take a pic with them on Sunday but the mom is sick. They are the Dearingers. ahhh it’s so cool! :D We get to do service this week and we got to do service on Friday. a lady in the ward hurt herself so we cleaned here house. I love cleaning! lol I love my mission and I love all of you. I’m going to come home a better more confident woman!!!!!!

Love always

Sister Steen <3
Just looking CUTE!
Why do people put their trash on the sidewalk here?

Me bowling!

 I LOVE this Book of Mormon!! ;-)
In a tent at the Blacks house.


  1. Looks like you are having fun! If you see a Sister Goodman that is my bishops daughter =) Tell her we all miss her in Normal lol.

  2. Say hi to the Dearingers for me.