Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Hey everyone :) this week was kinda crazy!!!

Me and my comp sister Allred are trying to help this area progress. It’s really hard but I know that we can do it. Yesterday we fasted as a zone and it was a really good feeling to do that for all the people that are zone has on date and for our own investigators to progress. On Saturday we had exchanges with the sister training leaders (STLs) and sister Lindmier gave me two talks she wants me to read. ”Becoming Perfect in Christ” by Elder Garret W. Gong i haven’t read it yet but I’m going to. I’m really excited and that’s something I want to do and focus on right now because it’s really hard not to get down on yourself as a missionary because you just want to do the best you can. Something I have learned this week is when you put in a good effort to help someone learn about Christ’s restored gospel it isn’t wasted and Christ is so happy that you did all you can. My focus this week is to talk to every single person I see even if it’s scary or awkward because I’ve been praying to find the elect people that are ready to listen and if I don’t talk to everyone and I let just one person walk by then maybe that was the person God put in my path and I don’t want to let someone slip through the cracks because I was scared or it was awkward. I’m learning that missionary work is awkward so you just got to get over it, forget yourself and who you used to be and get to work.
On exchanges with Sister Lindmier
 Sister Lindmier also gave me a talk by Elder Holland at the Brazil MTC on October 28, 2000 it’s called “The Miracles of a mission” I started reading it and I wish I got this when I first came out. It’s so good and it just tells you how important it is to stay out on your mission. I’ve seen the last couple of days that satan is really trying to discourage me and is making me feel scared to talk to everyone. I have these thoughts go through my head like you’re going to bother them then they are going to hate Mormons for the rest of their life or something along those lines. Sometimes I would listen to those thoughts but not anymore. I was talking to my STL about it and she pointed out that that is satan trying to make you not talk to the people that might be ready. so we were riding our bikes and I saw this guy get out of his car and there where those thoughts that he is busy and too far away. you are just going to look like a dork and annoy the guy, but I fought with those thoughts and then I felt the promptings to go talk to him so I did. I rode my bike over to him and we missed him. he was already inside his house but I felt good because I made that effort to try and that’s all God wants us to do. Whenever we get those thoughts in our head that aren’t positive and they make you feel scared or confused that is always satan. God just wants you to put that effort in to talk to every single person you see. I know that you will know when it’s the promptings of the spirit because it won’t be thoughts put in your head but it will be in your heart and you will feel this warmth go through you. sometimes we let satan into your thoughts and make it feel like it’s the spirit but if you really slow down and pay attention you will be able to know :) me and my comp planned to talk to everyone we saw this week and we made a goal to at least talk to 70 people and this week we talked to 110. We just know that as we talk to everyone God will bless us with the elect and they will be prepared to hear Gods message. During exchanges at companion study we practiced on teaching simply. So she gave me 10 pens and ten short but powerful sentences. I taught the restoration to her and I haven’t felt the spirit that strong in a companion study. It was amazing. I’m making it a goal to do that with sister Allred and if I have time to practice in my personal study. We went to invite Wanda to a church tour and she said she loves us and she likes us coming over but she doesn’t like the feeling she feels when she starts doubting her faith and keeps thinking ours is it. She has been in her faith for 50 years and she can’t turn her back on it. We told her what we tell everyone. We aren’t here to tell her that her faith is wrong. We are just adding to her sweet testimony of Christ and teaching her that Christ’s authority is on the earth again through a prophet that was called of God to restore Christ church again on the earth. She asked us to keep coming by but she doesn’t want to convert. I started to cry after we left because we can’t keep coming back if they aren’t willing to progress and keep commitments. One of the hardest things I’ve done on my mission is walking away from her house last Sunday. Josh didn’t show up to his lesson with his girlfriend at the Monsons. She told us he didn’t want us to teach him anymore. That was really hard. I got a priesthood blessing to help me get through the rest of the week. It helped bring me peace. Josh isn’t ready now but he will be. Sister Monsen called them this Sunday and invited them to go watch “Meet the Mormons” for FHE. Ginger, Josh and Max are going!!! We had a short lesson at the door step at Chris’ house with sister Monsen. He told us he read the Book of Mormon and he wants to keep reading it but he wants to do it by himself. He doesn’t want us to teach him right now. He just isn’t comfortable with it. Sister Mansen gave an amazing prayer and she expressed with us how sad she was for him. She kept saying that poor boy. I feel that way every single minuet of every day. I feel so bad that we have the restored gospel in our lives and people don’t know, even when we share it with them. They just can’t accept it and that’s so hard. I can’t let that get me down because there is some one that will and one soul is worth thousands in the kingdom of God. I know we are Gods children and that God loves each and every one of us! I know we chose to come to this world to gain a body to learn and grow in this world so that we can return to the presents of God. I know that Joseph Smith prayed to know the truth and that God the father and Jesus Christ came to him in person and called him by name telling him that none of them were the true church. I know God called Joseph Smith to be a prophet. I know he was given the power and authority to perform miracles and act in God’s name. It’s called the priesthood, the power and authority given to men to act in God’s name. I know that we have a living prophet today Thomas S Monsen. I know he is a prophet, seer and revelator. That he receives revelation for the whole world. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church of Jesus Christ and has the restored gospel and the proper authority of God to baptize men like Christ was. I know that I was called by God to serve a mission and I know I was set apart to preach the gospel to the people of Kennewick for 18 months by someone holding the proper authority of God. I know God hears our prayers. I know that as you strive every day to be worthy to enter the temple you will be worthy to make and keep sacred covenants and will be able to be with your families for time and all eternity. I know God loves each and every one of you and I know he wants all of his children to receive these blessings. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.


Sister Lacey Catherine Steen
The Arnolds are selling their house so we have to move!!! :-(

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