Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 17, 2015

Heart Attack!!

Andrea is still on date for 27th of February. Woot! we are praying really hard for her because she also has to be out of her apartment by the 19th so its really scary because she gets really stressed but if she reads and prays everyday she will be ok and she will get through it :) we had a zone meeting on Saturday and it was really good. We have a goal to have each companionship have a baptism in the month of March. I’m really excited! We are working with a couple people that if we are really obedient and pray hard and work hard we could make that goal. We have a goal to get 8 member presents each week. That is where a member goes to lessons with us. We haven’t had a lot of success with that so far. It is going to be really hard but it’s achievable. We just have to want it and work for it. The spirit in that meeting was really strong. Me and Sister Rasmussen were asked to give a training on confidence in Christ which is basically faith. lol We talked about what confident missionaries look like but we also asked the missionary’s what confident missionaries feel and sound like. Me and Sister Rasmussen were talking and we realized how much our testimonies have grown from when we first came out as little greenys to now. I thought how when someone tries to bash or gets upset or says something mean my testimony is no longer shaken. I have built my testimony on a strong foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Teresa fell of the map completely :( we tried to stop by and call her but she won’t answer the door or her phone :( we are still praying for her. We have zone conference coming up on Saturday I’m excited. I’ve been sick since Saturday. I’m on medication so hopefully I get better soon :D I was looking for the link to the talk being a consecrated missionary and i couldn’t find it but I’m going to make copies and send it to my mom and to some of my really good friends out serving missions.

if i wasn’t sick for 4 days I would have been able to tell you all I got through the whole Book of Mormon but I cant I have 2 chapters left. I’m so excited to finish and start over and really go through and mark it up and just get more revelation for myself :) I know this church is true I know that if you read the book of Mormon with a open mind and a willing heart to really know that you will gain divine knowledge. My mission has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life but I’m so grateful for the growth I’ve made. I’ve been cut down to the core and when I think i can’t be cut down anymore God lets me know that I still have a lot of growing to do. He has made me a stronger person more loving, kind, patient and bold. He has helped my testimony grow on a foundation of Christ and i couldn’t thank Him enough so I’m going to serve him for the rest of my life just like He has asked us all to do. There are many ways to serve but we have to be willing to do it :D

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love this work.

Love Sister Steen
 District Meeting :)
 This place looked like a jail. it was so sketchy I was scared to knock. Then we got kicked out because this guy told us it was illegal to be on the property and he was going to call the cops. Imagine me going to jail for knocking on doors. We get that a lot. They don't have signs posted so we are going to talk to the manager and see if it is ok if we tract there.
 a lady gave us chocolate cigars
 We were teaching a young man who is living with his grandpa and when we were waiting for him to come home his grandpa showed us his bike and I got a picture with it.
 My circle chart of how long I have left, the companions I served with and where I have served.
 Today we went to the temple
The elders in our zone

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