Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 9, 2015

This week was a good week. Not a lot happened but one night we were tracting because an appointment canceled and we only had 5 book of Mormons left. We were going to be careful who we gave them to. Then every person we talked to wanted to learn more and wanted a book of Mormon they exactly 5 people. We had the perfect amount! Funny thing about it is that they were almost all young single adults so we had to pass them off to the sisters over YSA. lol then we found 2 more books in the car so we were being blessed. There is nothing worse then being a missionary and not having a book of Mormon. It’s like this saying hey we have this awesome message that the gospel has been restored by a living prophet called of God and the book of Mormon is evidence of that. Then them saying can I have one and you saying oh we don’t have any. It hasn't happened yet but I was scared for a second lol the Lord is looking out for us. We will get more books of Mormons on Saturday. Andrea is still on date for the 26th :D she is getting slammed by the adversary the poor girl its cool. we always know when she reads because she is more calm and her kids are calmer and the lesson just flowed but when she doesn't her anxiety flares up and her kids go crazy she has lots of deep questions and we try to answer her questions in a simple way she really wants to go to conference when it comes :) she missed it last time because her anxiety its really hard for her to go places I’m so happy she makes it to church every week :)

So we are working with a part member family Jamaica is the non-member and Senon is the less active member they came to church for the first time ever and we were freaking out. She is so awesome and her husband keeps saying that when he gets worthy he can baptize her ahh that was the coolest thing to hear. They are progressing slowly but they are progressing!! we are working with a lot of awesome people but those are the 2 that are really solid :) Teresa, the one that was going to get baptized couple weeks ago, vanished off the face of the earth :( that’s been really hard but I love this work I love serving the Lord. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Transfer calls came and I’m staying 6 more weeks here in Pendleton, Oregon. Woot! I’m excited! I get to stay with my companion sister Rasmussen :)

I’m working on being a consecrated missionary. There’s a talk on about it. It’s really cool and that’s what I’ll be working on the rest of my mission. I want to be able to say I gave the lord everything I had and I endured to the end :) I love that it says consecrated missionaries don’t hold any white flags we never surrender :) this is the Lords work and I am called of God. I am a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ

Love Sister Steen

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