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February 23, 2014


We had dinner with Sister Berr and she made a lot of food and we didn’t eat half of it. She invited a friend over and she canceled so she just had a lot of food. After dinner she asked us if we wanted all the food so we took it and right when we left we thought of Andrea. We texted her and asked her where she was because we had a surprise for her. We stopped by the church and picked up the hotdogs that the boy scouts gave us that was leftover from their blue and gold banquet so we had a lot of food and we gave it all to her. Her friend told us that she was trying to figure out how she was going to feed her kids. It was so cool being an answer to a prayer. We ended up having a short lesson with her and her friend who ended up being a less active member and she said she might come back one day and that’s a great thing to hear. When we were having studies I was reading and I read something that reminded me of Andrea and I felt like I needed to share it with her. I told Sister Rasmussen that we should send her something. So right when we were talking about it she called us and she was crying :( so we prayed with her over the phone and we shared 1 Nephi 11:27 with her and I shared my testimony with her and we talked with her a little. She asked us if we can drive up with her to the church for her baptism interview so we told her we would then we said another prayer with her. It was so cool how the Lord works. we had an appointment for her baptism interview and we had the Williams pick us up because Andrea called us an asked us if we can ride with her. So we met them at her old place. She has moved all out but because of her anxiety. She is just too scared to leave her apartment complex so she was staying with friends but they don’t want her there and she needs to be with her kids. It took a little for her to get in the car when she got in I was asked by brother Williams to say the prayer after I shared my testimony to Andrea about how I know the Lord can heal her then we drove away we got to the gas station then she couldn’t do it and wanted to go to the hospital. It was really bad. She was having a really bad panic attack so we took her to the hospital and I had to hold on to her. She was so scared. When we got inside she was a little calmer. Open spaces scared her. We were with her in the hospital for about 6 hrs. The district leader came to the hospital to give her a blessing. We read scriptures and talks with her and we shared are stories of our conversion and she was able to get the help she needed. Then Sister Williams was able to get her to where her kids were staying. She didn’t end up going to church. She slept until 8 at night. She was wiped out. We are going to reschedule her appointment for her baptism interview next Friday.


Had a lesson before Andrea’s interview and we invited a less active girl to come with us to the lesson she knows Loren really well so it was cool. She is a returning less active. She was able to share her testimony with Loren. :) Loren is Jewish, kind of, so she doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ but I know she is going to get a testimony of Christ because she is making it a goal to read the book of Mormon every day :) it’s going to take her a little but I know with time she will get a testimony of the gospel if she really wants it :) we invited her to be baptized she said No and that’s ok. We acted in faith and we are going to act in faith every time until she gets her answer.

Zone conference:

It was amazing :) We learned about the atonement of Jesus Christ. One of the best Mormon messages that really helps you understand it is (Lifting burdens) it’s so powerful :D We learned about patterns and sequences and of faith. I love learning more about faith. One thing that stuck out to me was “Are you willing to take the steps of faith??” and I was thinking what am I doing to take the steps of faith and I thought well I’m on a mission that one huge act of faith :) I thought how I act in faith every day when I wake up and study :) I act in faith when I go out and talk to people about the gospel and I act by sharing my testimony. I get to act in faith every day. I just get so caught up in when I don’t act in faith and I feel like I failed but I’m so grateful for the atonement so that when I do mess up I can repent and try again :D as I've been reading in the scriptures I look for a couple of things. One is FAITH, also I look for Go to the mount which means pray often :) and also I’ve been looking for temporal and spiritual :) I started over reading the BOOK of Mormon. On the 19th I’m trying to do the 80 day challenge and its cool I’m learning sooooo much!!! I’m way ahead of where I’m supposed to be. I can’t put the book down. I've just gained so much more love for the word of God :D its beautiful how much God truly does love us. he gives us soooo much !!! I’m so excited for district meeting. We learned so much during a role play we did at zone conference. it was a role play of district meeting and I just love how unified it is going to make us and how we set goals and how it just makes me excited lol in weekly planning we do monthly planning at the beginning of the week and it’s going to help us stay on track with goals

I know the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is the Lords church. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ I know that the book of Mormon is the word of God and I know that anyone that reads it with and open heart they can come to know for themselves. I know that the atonement is real. I know that if we repent we can be clean. We can be filled with the spirit and we can progress. I know that daily scripture study is so important. Especially in family’s so that children can learn of God and so that they can be firm in their foundation of Christ. I love how in 2 Nephi 2:4 it says Thou hast beheld in thy youth his glory. I know that the prophet Lehi taught his children the gospel of God in their youth and it really makes a big difference. I love the gospel. I love the peace I feel and I love the opportunities we have to grow every day. As we stumble and as we have trials if we endure them well we will be so strong and He will bless us. God loves all of his children. Act in faith every day pray and be guided by the spirit of the lord. Pray for help. Ask the lord for guidance. I know the lord is the savior and redeemer of the world. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

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