Monday, March 23, 2015

March 16, 2015

We had an awesome week :) We have 4 people on date for baptism and we are praying so hard for them. Andrea didn’t make it to church. I gave her a dress and everything she said she left it at her son’s dads. I got a little frustrated but it’s just a dress. Thomas is on date and are trial with him is getting him and Laura married or help Laura understand that they can’t progress if she is living with him. She has a desire to get active and get a testimony Thomas is just waiting for Laura to fall in love with him. I love them both and I know the Lord will help them :) Casey didn’t make it to church. We even went to their house and rang the bell and knocked on all the doors. We called and texted and we still haven’t heard from them so he can’t be baptized on the 28th like he wanted but that’s ok. When he really wants it he will work for it. We are going to just help him find that desire and Kevin is on date for now the 18th of April. Woot! He picked his own date and his goal is to get sealed to his wife :) he is sooooo solid. We had dinner with them last night and he is just a really great guy :) sorry this email is going to be a bit short I haven’t felt too good today but I’ll catch you up on everything next week. Just know the work in Pendleton is progressing and we are sooo exited we are just trying to get our members excited too. We can’t do this work without them. It’s impossible!

Faith, just remember, is the first principal of the gospel. Without faith there is no progression. Act in faith every day. Have faith in the Savior even when you feel there is no hope. It’s the will of God to find his vision for you and you will succeed in all you do. This life is just a small part of eternity. The joy we feel here is nothing compared to our celestial joy in heaven

Love Sister Steen

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