Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

The Lords work is Hastening... # BecauseHeLives

I know the lord sent me to this area for a reason and that I am serving with my companion Sister Rasmussen for 3 transfers because the Lord needs us here. “Ask, and ye shall receive; knock and it shall be opened unto you." These last 2 transfers has been a transfer of transformation and this week has been the key to open the door of understanding. I know the Lord is with us in this work that he leads and guides us to his children that are being prepared and that are seeking him!

He lives and because he lives we can Reach out, Call out, Cry out, He is here during the Good, the Bad, the In-Between No matterwho you are,or who you were, No Exceptions, No lost causes, At all times, In all places "He is here" FIND HIM #BecauseHeLives

I know this is the Lords work and we can’t do it alone. We not only need the help of the ward to love and fellowship their brothers and sisters in the Lord but we need the spirit, the comforter, the warning voice. We need to seek inspiration for each and every child of God that seeks Him and his word.

As me and sister Rasmussen have acted in faith we have invited many of god’s children to be baptized and FIVE have excepted the invitation. :) Andrea had her baptismal interview on Saturday before Women's conference and is preparing for baptism. Thomas and Lara are praying about getting married so Thomas can progress to baptism on the 11th of April and so Lara can progress and receive the blessings of the gospel.

We had a Lesson with Kevin and he told us as he was praying and reading about the prophet Joseph Smith he started crying. He is still praying to know he is a prophet of God but he said he knows he is close to receiving his witness :) the adversary is working on him he told us he had a strong desire to drink coffee and he hasn’t craved coffee for months but he knows that because he has been making huge decisions in his life like marrying his wife who is a member of the church and when he decided he was going to be baptized to reach his other goals of getting sealed to his wife in the temple. He knows that the adversary is putting up road blocks and the gospel is helping him overcome it. He is on date for the 18th of April and is really exited.

Casey is getting more and more excited about the gospel and his wife Carrie, a resent convert, is too. He is on date for the 18ths of April but is struggling at coming to church. On Wednesday we went tracting and the second house we came to was David, a single dad. We had another sister missionary with us so we were allowed to go in. We taught him about the restoration and asked if we could come back. We also invited him to be baptized he said that was too soon but we can come back. So we went back the next day and finished teaching the restoration and invited him again but he still said no. He set up another time for us to come back. so on Thursday we went back with a member and we had our lesson outside and talked about the book of Mormon. He said he hadn’t read yet so we read from the beginning with him and invited him to come to church with us and put him on date for the 18th of April :) and He came to church on Sunday and are members did a good job at fellowshipping his daughter, new a little girl in the ward, and was able to go to primary with her. Miracles happen when you act in faith. We went tracting during spring break on Main where all the stores are and where all the people were. We didn’t have a lot of success until the end. We were walking by this ally and this worker came out and we asked where the ally led to. lol it was pretty sketchy. He said to his work it’s for employees though. He asked a lot of questions about what we do and so I went straight to the first vision. We gave him a book of Mormon and got his number. We set up a lesson. We are going to teach him outside his work because he works all the time and that’s the only place we can teach him so we are going to do just that lol We are really exited! a new transfer to work hard and find the Lords children that are seeking the word of God.

Love Sister Steen

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