Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

The work is on Fire and we decided that we can’t do it alone. We are trying hard to work with the members. It’s hard so we made this calendar where they just write on it when they can come out so that we can call them during weekly planning and have set members out with us. We have been doing really good at getting members out with us but we are slacking in the other things so we hope that getting members out will soon just be really easy and that we won’t have to think about it too much so we can make our other goals too. We have 4 people on date for April and we are so excited. This area is awesome we just need to find the people that are ready and help the people that are ready now to have a strong testimony’s of the gospel and help them to set goals so they can reach them. I lent Andrea one of my dresses and she left it at her son’s dad’s house but she still made it to church. She just wore dress pants. We were just happy to see her there. Casey was out of town again but we are going to get him to church! And he wants to but let’s himself gets too busy. Thomas had to work. He and Laura are praying about getting married. We keep meeting awesome people and have to give them to the YSA sisters to teach but it’s fun.

We got transfer calls on Saturday and me and Sister Rasmussen are staying together another 6 weeks my first companion that I’ve been with longer than 2 transfers. This will be are 3rd transfer. Woot! we are making goals to do better this transfer this area is like a roller coaster with my emotions lol one second people are progressing and excited and the next they digress and the adversary gets in there. but at church Andrea said she wants to get baptized on the 4th which was really exciting but we think it’s best for her to get baptized on the 11th she has questions about prophets that we know will be answered at conference I love the work even when it gets hard I know it helps me grow

I know that the book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ I know that it goes hand and hand with the bible I know that as you grow your faith in Christ your understanding of his wards will increase I know if you act in faith and read the scripters that trials won’t be so hard to bear the work of the lord is hastening and we are part of the work my mission has taught me a lot but I still have so much to learn and because god loves us we can learn from a living prophet Thomas Monsen who is the prophet of Christ church who leads and guides gods children I’m so excited for conference next weekend I know the church is true I love you all

love Sister Steen
I broke open a coconut

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