Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 13, 2015

so we had interviews with the mission President this week and it was sooooo good :) he said we are doing good and to keep working hard and to keep being humble. He told me to write in a trunky journal so when I think about home I will write it down and look at it on Monday. So that’s what I’m doing. After interviews we went back to Pendleton. we were in Walla Walla and we didn’t have a dinner to we went to grab a snack then we got a call from the Spanish sisters that were doing Spanish work in the area and they sounded really freaked out. One of the sisters got bit by 3 dogs multiple times. We picked them up and got them in to a member doctor’s office in town. Then we took them out to eat because they missed their dinner and we didn’t eat yet. Then someone paid for our dinner it was so cool. People are just amazing.

I’m sick again ugh lol I feel like I’ve been sick the whole time I’ve been in this area. I’ve tried everything. Now I’m trying allergy meds because that’s all I haven’t tried lol

Kevin had his baptism interview and passed woot :) he is getting baptized this Saturday and Thomas said he thinks Laura is going to marry him sooner than later. He has seen a big change in her and she isn’t as scared so we just keep praying. We got to learn about family history so we can get our investigators started. It’s like 85% of converts retained when doing family. That’s amazing! We are so excited. it makes me want to go do my own. I learned something cool about the Steen side of my family. I saw that the Steen name just disappear after a little and its because they came from Norway and they do strange things with their names and he changed his last name when he came to America cool huh lol I’m so going to family history like crazy when I go home. If you haven’t done family history I challenge you to start. It will change your life :) its amazing!!!

Every time a member talks to us they ask” so when are you going home?” and we try to avoid the question. Sister Rasmussen always says “I’ve been out long enough to know what I’m doing but still got enough time to still have lots to learn” heheh sneaky huh I like it. when I get my last companion I’m not going to tell her when I’m going home so when I get asked to give my departing testimony she will be like what?!! lol we will see how long I can keep it a secret :)

I love my mission. Even though I feel like I’m sick a lot lol I just know satan is trying to make me quit and I wont because the Lords work is to precious. I have to go find those lost sheep. we got to teach about the first vision to the young women and it was a really spiritual experience. I hope they felt the same way :) I miss you young women back at home. I challenge you girls to memorize the first vision. it will strengthen your testimony about the prophet Joseph Smith, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ :) I’ll be following up after my mission with you girls! I’ll even ask Bishop if I can come and talk to you girls ;) love you all and mom and dad keep reading we need to finish the book of Mormon before I come home.

Love Sister Steen
 me eating food after interviews
 she is always taking pictures of me

we are at a store in their basement and they have a coffin ahhh!!

and me dancing in the middle of town lol this old lady was laughing at me

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