Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 20, 2015

This week was a bit crazy! Monday we stayed in town because my toe hurt and I didn’t feel good. At the end of the night we were looking at my toe and decided we needed to get it looked at so we went to doctor marshals He is a member in the ward and he told me he was going to numb it. I didn’t realize numbing it meant sticking a needle in it until his little girl started talking about how bad it hurts then I started crying. I don’t know why but I have a huge fear of needles ahhhh!! It hurt so bad! He did it 3 times just to get it really numb for me. After it was numb I didn’t feel anything. It was weird.

Well I think I either have really bad allergies or I have a sickness that no one can fix. I’ve tried everything. Ugh well I’ll just have to stick it out. My comp goes home on the 5th and she is so ready to be done. It’s been a hard transfer but we are trucking threw. we got another baptism on Saturday Kevin Ottosen :) he was so happy. His family came to support him. His mom isn’t a member or his little daughter or his son and his wife daughter is less active so it was a really cool experience. So many people came that we had to move to the chapel :) we never filled the font in this building before. Last time for Andrea a member did it for us so when we came to check on it it was freezing. We didn’t realize we had to turn on the water heater pump. lol but it all worked out and the water was worm when he got in. we were kind of freaking out lol but I’m a pro now so if I have a couple more people that want to be baptized ill now how to fill the font.

We had a lesson with David in a member’s home, the Baglies, they are so awesome they have a younger daughter that is friends with David’s daughter Sophie so they got to play while we had the lesson. We haven’t been able to have a spiritual lesson with him this whole time but this one in the member’s home was so spiritual. David didn't keep his commitment so we don’t think he felt it like we did but he will. He is on date for the May 16th now :)

Andrea is in her new home and she loves it. We had a lesson with her then did some service for her after. We are so excited for her to get a calling and we are going to get her out with us :)

David and Thomas, our investigators, came to church on Sunday and it was ward conference. President Roly came up to me and asked if I could introduce him to our investigators. I introduced him to David then we had and awesome lesson all about marriage and being a worthy priesthood holder for your family in the home. Laura was asked to read and it was so good for her. We have been praying for her to get the answer to get married to Thomas. a while back we had a lesson and in my studies I fond these awesome scriptures and we shared it with them and invited them to get married. Then at church they brought up that scriptures again I was so excited.

We have been trying to stop by all of our less active people in our wards. It’s crazy. There are way more less actives than actives. We stop by and talk to them and invite them to take the missionary lessons and do family history :) one of the families we stopped by, the non-member, when we asked them if they would come back to church she said wow I haven’t really thought about it. Let me talk to my husband. It’s crazy. People just need to be invited. I definitely have a testimony that us as members need to do our part in this work by inviting and fellow shipping the lost sheep. If our members got the vision that the Lord has for this area I’m sure almost all of these members that fell away would come back. I just know it. I pray every day for this area and the members. We ask and invite them to help. I just hope they see the Lords vision. This area has so much potential.

In my studies today I read in Alma 31 and what stuck out to me is Prayer. I am always praying for help in this work, praying for the area, for my companion, for the people I am teaching. Pray for the people you want the Lord to put in your path and pray for yourself to recognize the promptings of the spirit. I got the prompting to read my patriarchal-blessing and I didn’t get all the way threw it but I read what the Lord needed me to read and it went with what I read in Alma and how I need to attain the attributes in Alma 7 23-24 and so I wrote that down and I’m going to pray for that :)

The church of Jesus Christ is THE true church. It has the Authority, the Priesthood!!! Just like when Christ was on the earth!!! I know that the power of the scriptures. It really brings you closer to your Savior and it brings a clear understanding of his gospel. As you read you get a stronger testimony of his gospel. Of the prophet Joseph smith and Best of all you get a testimony of Jesus Christ!! there are so many little things that just build to my testimony and I just know without a doubt that this is Christ’s church restored to the earth and I know that you can know this is true in 3 simple ways. read the book of Mormon with an open heart, ponder the message it contains and pay attention to the feelings you have as you read then Pray and ask God if it is true and I know you will get an answer :)

In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Love Sister Steen

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