Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

So we got to go to WALLA WALLA last p-day and play chair soccer with the zone. It was really fun! We got to have FHE with are recent convert Andrea. She has grown so much and her testimony is so strong. We taught her how to do a family home evening and we will do that with her every Monday until she is used to it and is doing it on her own. In exchanges sister Johnsen came to my area and I got to stay. We had a lot of big plans that day. We did service at PAWS then we went to lunch. After lunch we were trying to find a former and I went to the wrong street so we just decided to tracked it. so we did and there was a really mean guy that didn’t want to talk to us so we moved on and when we got to the third person he let us right in. His wife was shy and didn’t want to come in the living room so we taught him the restoration and he said he knows it true. He is from the Philippines and said he has talked to missionaries before. Well at the end of the lesson we invited him to be baptized he said yes. We put him on date and he accepted it. So when we left we got in our car and wrote down all of his information and then our car window shattered!!!!

 I felt really weird. I was looking at my companion when it happened and the sound was so hollow I thought we got shot!!! It was scary!! I had already put it in drive so when it happened I tensed up and took my foot off the brake so we rolled forward and when I came back to my self I drove away from that house a couple doors down to the house where that guy was really rude to us but I didn’t care because I was really scared and I felt safe by his house. Elder Spurgen our car guy called it in and the police came. Thank goodness. I knew the cop. He is in our ward and it helped me calm down. We figured there was a guy mowing and he might have run over a rock but we don’t know it’s hard to say. The mower was pretty far so we don’t know. Anyway we took pictures and Officer Zaugg got our info. The sister training leader was sooooo mad lol she kept saying satan is ruining our day but i wasn’t mad because we got to talk to the mean guy and he helped us clean up the glass and he said if we ever need anything just ask so he might not be interested in our message but he is a really nice guy and he changed my outlook on people that don’t want to listen to us. He was really nice and we got to go back the next day and talk to the guy that was mowing and tell him that the window is all fixed and he doesn’t have to worry about anything. He was a really nice guy we got to pray with him. Well that morning before we left on that adventure we got a text from Thomas and from Lara and Thomas told us to call him so we did. He told us Lara got her answer and they are getting married on the 23rd!!!!!!!! ahhh I was so excited and sad because sister Rasmussen was in the other area so I kept it a secret until we went there on Wednesday lol that was so hard. She wants us to be in the wedding :) I’m excited! Hopefully I don’t get transferred. We get the call this Saturday and Sister Rasmussen is going home next Monday well she goes home on the 5th but she leaves me on Monday :( I’m going to miss her. She has changed my whole life and I love her :) on exchanges I put 3 people on date and Sister Rasmussen put two people they street contacted on date. Well 2 of them and so that day in our area we put 5 people on date is was a miracle :) Danny one of are on dates dropped us on Friday. He was the house that the car window broke. I was trying to figure out why God needed us to be in that area if Danny was going to fall off date and drop us and I really thought about that and I don’t know but I’m sure that it changed someone’s life that day and that just makes it all worth it :D

There is a little 8 year old girl we met one day with her mom. Her mom said she would love for us to teach her daughter so one day we were teaching Andrea and we were outside and Cici and her mom came out and we talked to her and we are going to start teaching them at Andrea’s :) she is already doing missionary work. The Lord is going to bless her so much :) We had a lesson at the church on Saturday and talked about church and how important it is. Casey’s wife is already a member and we put him back on date for the 30th of May :) we really have faith he will make it this time :) then we had a lesson right after with David at the Bagglies his fellowshipers and the lesson went so well he had questions and the members just got in there and helped him. As a parents view and he really needed that on Sunday. 3 of our investigators made it to church 2 on dates and 2 of our recent converts. That was such a good Sunday. I was just on top of the world when people realize how important it really is to go to church :) and brother Baggly came to our class with David. He is so solid. I love this area and how willing the members are to help fellowship these people that are willing to change :)

I was talking to Sister Rasmussen and she said to me

Falling away isn't like cancer it’s a choice and that really made me think. I keep being so scared to go home because I see so many members of the church and they fell away. Even people that went on a mission and I was so scared I would do that but when she said that I thought. yeah it’s a choice and I’m not going to make that choice. I have a trunky journal and in it i wrote down some things I’m going to do when I get home like going to the temple every Saturday and doing family history and reading daily with my family and on my own and there is so much more but I know if I just do the simple things like go to church and be active not only in church but in the gospel then I won’t fall away :)

Love Sister Steen
 My companion got a care package!
 I'm so silly!

 we clean out the car every Monday
 We finally got to visit the Mill!

 A rug they made a long time ago
That Pendelton country life!

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