Monday, May 18, 2015

May 11 2015

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Wow so this week has been pretty different. I was with the sister training leaders for 3 days and it was a pretty fun time :) When I was with them I got one new investigator. His name is Randy. He is a really nice guy and we met his dad right after we left. He has the same name so it was funny teaching the Restoration to a guy with the same name is the last one. He was really nice. His problem with it all was going to church. He doesn't follow organized religion so we were able to explain the blessings of church and why we meet as a ward to worship. I bore testimony that we go to church to partake of the sacrament. To do it in remembrance of Christ and when we are baptized we can renew our covenants. We also explained that we go to learn and grow as a ward family. As we share our testimony with one another and prepare to teach we learn more and we help others learn too. He said that it made more sense and we invited him to his son’s home for the lesson on Tuesday to learn more of the restoration of Christ’s church. That same day we were walking around and we saw this guy walking his dog and so one of the sisters were like “HEY!!” and he didn't turn around so she said it a bit louder and he still didn't hear soo I was like ok this is it. I’m going to do something I have never done before. I said a quick prayer in my head hoping that this doesn't fail miserably and I started running and was like HEY!!! I love your dog what kind of dog is it!!??? He turned around and started talking to me. We ended up walking with him telling him about the restoration of the church. It was super cool and really scary ahhhhhh lol I’m still freaking out about it and it’s been like a week. lol well on Wednesday I was on my way to Walla Walla when I got a call from the mission office telling me that my Aunt just passed away and it really hit me hard at first. When we got to Walla Walla I asked my zone leader elder Nelson if I could get a blessing and he was so in tune with the spirit. Everything he said is what I needed at the time. I was getting ready to go and meet my not only new companion but a new missionary that just got out on her mission. I needed that blessing so that I could be at peace with my aunt passing and so I could focus on training my new companion. I was really having a hard time until I got to the transfer sight in Kennewick then I needed to be happy. I didn’t want my first impression to Sister Satele to be that her companion is just a wreck. I did pretty good. Then we sang and the song just made me cry. I’m not really sure why and the elder that gave the spiritual thought made me cry. Then I pulled myself together until I hugged Sister Ware then I kind of lost it. I needed a hug from someone who understood and she was it. I’m so grateful for her :) I’m ok now. I’m at peace with everything and I know things truly happen in the Lords time. I know that this had to happen while I am in training or I’m sure I would have been really distracted. Whenever me and my companion role play its sooo spiritual, like for example last night we did 60 min of training and at the end of it we role-played. I was one of are current investigators and she had to invite me to be baptized and I had to say no and have a concern so before we started she said a prayer and I said a prayer I prayed to know what his concern really would be. Then we began the role play. It consisted of a lot of inspired questions and a lot of silence. The spirit flooded the room and at the very end I was crying and Sister Satele was just sooooo excited about what just happened. We realized in that role play that this investigator needed to understand and gain a firm testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I had no clue. I thought that he knew the atonement but I now know that he doesn’t and the spirit guided us to what he needed to know :) we are so excited to have our next lesson with him :)

Skyping with my mom on Mother’s day was really good :) I was so scared that it was going to be a sad skype session but it wasn’t and I got to see Sage Amber Zach Marcus Rosie Everett Evelyn Olyvia Mom and Dad :) it was soooooo happy. Me and my companion just sat on a couch and talked to them. I love that my companion wanted to be a part of it :) I am just sad we all forgot to take pictures.

Well I love you all and I’ll see you in 3 months ;)

Love Sister Steen!!!!

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