Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25, 2015

This week has been WOW amazing!! So many miracles. We have gotten tonz of referrals. we were able to get in contact with one and his name is Phil. We set a time and day and saw him after church yesterday. He is golden. I’ve never had someone so ready for the gospel. He said he just wants to find a church family that will love him and his 3 kids the way they are. He has a lot of tattoos and gages :) He is a young single dad that just got his kids :) We invited him to be baptized and he said yes and now he is on date for the 13th of June. We asked when we could come back and he asked if we could tomorrow so we are going over today :) woooooot! We are trying to find him some good fellowship. Its hard cuz it’s a holiday. lol wish us luck :) We had a wedding / baptism on Saturday.

 It went sooooo good. The spirit was so strong. We got to sing. Thomas and Lara were smiling :) so I guess we didn’t sound too bad. lol we have a new investigator, Luke, he is moving to Adams so it’s going to be a long drive every time we go see him. Hopefully we can get him some good fellowship. Right now he is in the 2nd ward and he knows the Marshals and he knows some people in 1st ward so it will be good. Dee is still on date and wants to be baptized before I go home. We have 3 people on date for baptism next month already and our goal before I go home is to be baptizing weekly. Our ward mission leader brought that up in class the other day and he said “the sisters have an impossible goal but I love their faith” and I was just thinking that’s not impossible it’s the vision the Lord has for this area and he is giving us the people who are ready. We talked to both of our bishops and we told them an idea we have to help the members get excited for the work. At dinner we are going teach them by role playing how to place a book of Mormon. We realized people really think it’s the scariest thing in the world and it shouldn’t be. Really all we need to do is give the people we love and care about a book of Mormon because the book of Mormon is something that is a part of our lives that makes us the people we are. We need to love our friends and family enough to give them this book. It’s a book. If they don’t read it that’s their agency but we need to let them have that opportunity to accept or reject. We are going to start doing that at dinners and we are going to set up a 3 ward firesides in June. It’s going to be soooo good. The members are getting more and more excited for the work. One day this town will have its own stake :) the bishop asked us if we wanted to do some service for him. We said yes and got to help him kill some of his chickens today. 

We have been able to gain a lot of trust with the wards. We got to talk in church yesterday about our conversion stories and we got to teach in class. It was fun. I love my mission and we still have a lot to do before the end of July :D

Love Sister Steen

 Just pulling weeds. We wouldn't let them pay us so they paid us in Pepsi.

me and sister T and training :)

                      We are all going home together kinda lol Sister T, Elder Ojata and Me :)
I might have corrupted my companion. Sorry!!! ;) lol

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