Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

Wow! My new companion is a powerful missionary. During our trainings we role-play with each other inviting people to be baptized and or just asking inspired questions. Something I love about her is she isn’t afraid of silence. The most powerful role-plays we have done only maybe had a couple of things said in them. The other day we were doing a training on how to begin teaching and I explained kinda how to do it then she turned to heaven, she waited for the spirit and then she opened her mouth and everything she said was powerful. As she asked me inspired questions I made sure to give inspired answers and at the end of the role play she was just glowing with confidence and the spirit. We talk about the things we learned and how to use it in the work. On Saturday we had zone meeting and it was amazing. We learned so much and the spirit was so strong. Something I learned was to cut out the fluff. We got to do a role play on street contacting someone and making sure you cut out the fluff. So that’s what me and another sister did. We just taught simple truth. We taught simply the restoration and let them read some of the introduction and then invited them to be baptized. The spirit was so strong. After that we had to rush home and fill the font for David’s baptism. His Baptism was so good the spirit was so strong and the speakers involved him as they gave their talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost. Everyone told us he was just a dry mormon and he just needed to get wet. lol its funny he is definitely one of the elect. When we invited him to live the word of wisdom he quit that day cold turkey and it’s just crazy to know that if people are truly willing to follow Christ they will do anything for Him. This is the lords church not the Mormons church. Its Christ’s church and we are his sheep

Me and my comp talk about the day at night and it’s cool. I feel we have really inspiring conversations. We talked about what miracles wouldn’t have happened if Christ slacked off in his last transfer. The reason we were talking about that is because I have 2 transfers left and I want to finish strong. Then it dawned on us that Christ last transfer was the Atonement. It was crazy to think about.

We had a lesson at the Welches with Dee and we taught the restoration. At the end we invited her to be baptized and she said yes. That’s what the plan is. The only thing that is holding her back is that the Sabbath is on Sunday. Well I was studying and my comp was studying and so the seventh day was part of the law of Moses and it was before Christ. When Christ came and set up his church and when he was crucified on the first day he fulfilled the law of Moses and with that we worship on Sunday (The lords Day) as the commemoration of the lords resurrection. wow I had no clue but it just makes so much more sense now :) I love the scripters (Acts 20:7) if we can help her understand that she won’t have anything holding her back.

on the 23rd is a wedding and baptism :) for Thomas :) president wear invited every companionship to baptize monthly and I know it’s possible. Me and sister Satele, with the Lords help, want to baptize weekly :) it’s going to be hard work but I know it’s possible and that goal will help us with baptizing monthly. Yesterday we were invited to a youth thing at the bishop’s house. it was about the temple and it was sooo cool. He answered all the youth’s questions then he made us this Brazilian hotdog. It had mashed potatoes, avocado, ketchup and mustard and other stuff I can’t remember. it wasn’t bad but i wouldn’t want to eat it every day. He also made us a Brazilian drink and it was soo good. We got the recipe to make it at home and we are going to try and make it better than it already is. I’m sooo exited.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot. There is just soo much but I just know that it’s our time to harvest. No more planting seeds. The field is ready today. There are so many people out there waiting for us to invite them. We are going to help our members get excited for the work. At dinner we are going to talk to them about how to place a Book of Mormon and invite them to read it and invite the family to do it together and to share with each other and the other members the experiences they have. We are so excited for the work. It is hastening and people are ready to receive this massage. We are all God’s children.

I love and miss you all.

love Sister Steen
 doing service at PAWS
 This is a salad Sandwich it is one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten
 David's Baptism

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