Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 3, 2015

Training is a bit hard lol. The hardest part is that my comp has an accent and i never know what she is saying. I think it’s starting to get on her nerves. i feel really bad.

The work has slowed down a bit in this area. All our investigators got baptized but David. Thomas got the priesthood on Sunday and Kevin is getting it next Sunday :) Thomas, David and my comp are talking in church the following Sunday with an RM who just got back from his mission 2 weeks ago. Phil is doing good. He came on a church tour on Saturday and loved it. He said if they ever need a sub he would love to help out. It was sooo cool. I love his kids. they are so cute and they love when we come over. We had a lesson the other day on the lawn because we couldn’t get a member to come out with us on a Monday night but we had a cool lesson on the plan of salvation and used the visuals and we just basically taught like we were teaching the kids and he loved it :) He said it made so much sense then as we were saying the prayer we heard thunder in the back ground and as we were walking to our car it started pouring. They had a huge lightning storm. People were just walking in it too. I was like “they are going to die!” lol but every house we drove past on are way home people where putting chairs on their porch and just watching it. It was soo cool. We tracted almost all day yesterday and we decided to street contact and we talked to 3 drunk guys and they were sooo nice. One guy we talked to at a bus stop and he wasn’t drunk but it was really hard to understand him. He told me he spoke 4 languages. He asked me if I was married like 3 times and asked if I was going to marry a Mexican. He said I had a pretty accent and face. When I first started to talk to him he said he didn’t believe in God and that he respected me but doesn’t believe. Then in the middle he was laughing and told me he was just kidding and that he was catholic. lol it was so funny. The guy that was sitting right next to him was talking to my companion and she got his info so we can go and teach him. He lives out in Mission. we were walking to our next appointment and saw this guy just sitting there so I was like ok I got to talk to him so we talked. He was hard to understand. a little drunk but he just talked quiet. We were talking and at the end I asked if we could pray and he started crying. It was sad. I testified of the atonement and got him to smile before we left. :) a drunk guy walked passed us with a dog and said it’s the sisters missionaries lol he introduced himself and shook our hands. He told us he didn’t believe what we believe said he likes to get drunk he said but ladies I love the HELL out of you!! He smiled and walked across the street without even looking. I was a little scared for him. He was really nice. We had our last lesson with Aaron before his interview. I’m so excited. The work is doing good.
 I got to go to the temple today it was so fun. I love the feeling of being in the temple :D 

well I love you all

love sister steen

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