Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 8, 2015

We helped Sister Follet tear down their deck, then she fed us hot dogs yummmm!

hey everyone! :D wow its already Monday wow! lol So me and Sister Satele have been tracting a lot. There have been lots of nice people but nothing truly miraculous. it’s been cool. As we act in faith to go find we get referrals. Phil was a referral from the STLs and he is on date for the 20th. He is living the word of wisdom. When he came to church you could see it on his face. He was still staying strong. He looked so tired. He went to primary with his kids for the first Sunday because they are so used to getting dropped off places that there dad didn’t want them to think he was going to drop them off and leave forever. It was sad but a lady in the primary came up to us 3rd hour and told us during singing time Phil was crying. We had a lesson with him that day and followed up on his commitment card. He said he loved it and that he has been doing it. I knew quitting drinking coffee was going to be hard for him but he has been doing it. I also committed to something that day. I will never drink pop the rest of my life. Sister Satele made me 2 commitment cards that I signed. I gave one to Phil to have. He really liked that and the spirit was really strong. Aaron is preparing for this Saturday to be baptized. He is so exited :)

The bishops are getting excited with all the work that is going on here in Pendleton. On Saturday we had a cool experience doing role plays. I was in Elder Jenson, Elder Shougart and Hermana Reeses group and the spirit was so strong. We taught by asking inspired questions. the spirit was so strong and it gave me a source of confidence that I didn’t know I had :) When we got home that day we ran home and decided that our commitment cards needed to be more inspired and so we prayed and the lay out was Goals Action then commitment it was really cool and now it’s not like a home work assignment but its something that will help them come closer to their Savior and accomplish their goals :)
Church was really good. I got to share my testimony in both wards. I’m going to make it a priority every fast Sunday for the rest of my life to share my testimony every fast Sunday :)

 my commitment to live the rest of my life to support Phil in living the word of wisdom

The girls in the YW put cute notes on our car

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