Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My week full of Miracles and Blessings - November 10 2014

I did something to my wrist. A member of the ward is a chiropractor and he put this tape stuff on it.

Hey everyone, sorry I don’t have a lot of time this week to write. I just want you all to know that this week has been full of miracles. We keep finding new people to teach every day almost. It’s crazy! Now they just need to progress and keep commitments. We have found 4 more new investigators and will have one more today. We are talking to everyone and using the book of Mormon in all we do. We have been praying personally for each investigator individually and by name. We had an amazing lesson with our ward mission leader and our investigator Jacob. it was on the plan of salvation and it was so cool. He had so many questions and we were able to answer all of them with the scripters. He is so solid. we have noticed that whenever we invite him to pray he says he isn’t on that level yet and he holds back tears. It was so cool me and sister Allred were so in tune with the spirit and we both where thinking that same scripter to give to him it’s about Christ and his atonement. He doesn’t feel worthy to pray. We are praying for him ALL THE TIME. We met this lady and her name is Elsa :) she is like 78 and knows the book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God. The only thing that she is having trouble understanding is the authority or in other words the priesthood. to get baptized we taught all over the place just to see what she needed and it’s the understanding of the priesthood :) we are so exited her daughters are members and she isn’t but reads the Book of Mormon. She said we can come back and so we are going to see her this week :D we had some cool experiences with people that weren’t too interested but we asked them if they needed help moving. They are Russian and they are moving to Chicago !!!!!! They said no but they said they had food they needed to get rid of and we don’t have much food because we moved into some apartments in Hansen Park so we didn’t buy much last week. So it was really cool that God blessed us with that. The next day we went to one of our new investigators houses and she made us spaghetti and a lot of it to send home. She didn’t even know we moved so cool! she had a lot of questions about the Mormons and how they live and all these crazy things like if we get home schooled and some other stuff. we explained to her that we are like normal people and we talked about the Book of Mormon and she said she wanted to read it. We gave her a chapter to read and she said she will read it before we come back so we can have a discussion about it. She is such a sweet lady, kind of crazy. She dumpster dives for fun! but we love her and she needs this gospel in her life soooo bad. After we left her house we were walking home and we talked to this lady in the parking lot. Her name is Madison and we got to know her a little bit. she told us she was looking for a church and we told her about ours and how it’s just across the street and that we are doing a church tour on Monday. She said she would probably be able to come. we didn’t get to teach her much but she was interested and today she will be a new investigator if she comes :) oh man so much amazing stuff is happening in both wards we are doing a ward fast and invitation Sunday. We get to be part of both. We get to sing in the Windsong one. We are singing “if you could hide to Kolob” and in the Ridgeview one we get to give a talk. We are following up with what we are going to be speaking on tonight with bishop. Usually I’m super scared to talk in front of a lot of people but the mission has given me so much more confidence. me and sister Allred had an amazing companion inventory and we told each other all that we were struggling with and we are going to help each other in all we do to keep having faith, patience and love in this work. It’s been hard for both of us but all I want is to help sister Allred and help her to have an amazing mission full of blessings and miracles :) :) I LOVE MY MISSION!!!

Love Sister Steen 
 My Zone
 Jessica got baptized a couple months ago before I got here.  We had dinner with her.  Gracy and Kadence wanted to wear our tags lol 

Moving out going to La Sirana Apartments

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