Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The blessings of having faith

This week has been full of miracles. We have 7 new investigators. We haven't had a new investigator for about 4 months and this week we got 7 and 2 of them are super solid. 4 from Windsong Jose, Ulysses & Monica, and Jacob and 3 from Ridgeview Hazel, Christina, and Eric. Me and sister Allred are really striving to have exact obedience and exact faith in the Lord. We have seen Gods hand in our work and we know he is pouring out blessings to us. I have been studying about having faith and I’ve learned it’s not just having faith in God but having faith in me and in this work. Having faith to extend an invitation and having faith they will be willing to progress. My prayers to Heavenly Father are so much more meaningful. l pray for every investigator by name and pray for what they are personally going through. all together we have 9 Investigators Jen in Ridgeview and Adriana in Windsong. We have asked Jacob when he comes to know if this is true if he will be baptized. He had a funny response he said” well duh I would be stupid if i didn't!” lol We know he is one of Gods elect. We also invited a 17 year old girl named Natt but she denied the invite but wants to try out some youth activities. We had an amazing lesson with Jacob. Our member didn't end up coming with us so we had the lesson on his porch. He is a trucker and is home Saturdays and Sundays. We taught him the restoration and he understood it all he kept saying it all makes sense. he told us after our first visit with him he read the testimony of Joseph and the Introduction of the book of Mormon. He said he brings the book with him on the truck and his routine every night before he goes to bed is he reads the book of Mormon and he said he doesn't want to stop reading but he has to get some sleep. He also told us he finds himself defending our church beliefs. he said” I don’t know why it’s so hard for them to see how much it makes sense” he is so prepared we asked him if we could pray with him but he told us he isn't on that level yet. He really wants to go to church so we invited him to come on Sunday. We also had a lesson with Jose. We had our word missionary and his wife with us, the Brooks, and we taught the restoration. He hasn't read yet but he promised he would read before we came back. It was a good lesson. he shared his testimony of God and it led into the restoration really well :) we told his son Sam about our youth program he seemed interested. we have been thinking of some new finding ideas and one is getting to know our members and invite them to do missionary work. by inviting our close friend or family member to either go on a church tour or take the lessons or invite them to go to church with them. also we gave some ideas to our wards to do a fast for missionary opportunity’s then to have an invitation Sunday. Windsong ward is planning one right now. we are helping them pick the hymns and the topic is the plan of salvation. Me and sister Allred have been invited to sing. we are looking for the perfect song right now. I'm so excited to see the members get excited about missionary work. it was cool listening to some of the sisters testimony at church one sister from each ward told there experience of going out with us and its cool to hear how they really felt and what they gave up to go out with us and how in the end they felt blessed. It was so cool we had a door step lesson with Art with a member from Ridgeview ward and sister Pratt. We got to know her and what trials she is going through. She wants to know her purpose on this earth and she just has so many questions. we told her about the book of Mormon and she got so excited and she took the book of Mormon. she wasn't able to go to church this Sunday but she really wants to go and learn more and to really know :) me and sister Allred work every day to help each other in our weaknesses and we know we aren’t perfect but are working on being perfect in Christ :)

Love Sister Steen

            My half way mark..9 months on my mission, October 15...get it? 9 months lol

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