Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 17th 2014

This week has been amazing :)

First off we got transfer calls and I’m staying another 6 weeks which puts me in Kennewick for 6 months just like in Yakima lol and I get to go to the temple with my companion Sister Allred. Woot! I’ve gone to the temple with every one of my companions now :) I love being in areas for 6 months I get the hang of things and get to really know the investigators and they’re needs. Lots of people say they get sick of areas fast but I love 6 months! It’s the perfect time to do the Lords work. Someone told me the other day that I haven’t found the one God needs me to find yet but let me tell you something me and my comp are trying to find them all! All the people that want this! We are talking to everyone. We are being obedient and we are praying for our investigators all day every day. I keep a prayer in my heart all the time and it’s a really cool feeling. Praying all day every day you just feel the spirit more. God truly does know the needs of every one of his children. It’s amazing. We have an investigator that doesn’t really feel like he is worthy to pray but he reads the book of Mormon every single day and doesn’t want to put it down. We went by his house last night before dinner and dropped him off a treat and a quote. He was telling us he took the tv out of his diesel truck so he won’t get distracted by it so he can read the book of Mormon more. I don’t know about you but I call that a GOLDEN Investigator!!!! :D he is so solid. We have an investigator Adreana on date for the 13th of DECEMBER She and her family came to church . They missed sacrament but they got there. They used to be way less active but I know they love their daughter enough to start going more. oh man! I wish you could see how much God is blessing this area. me and my companion are so lucky to have all these amazing people. A lot of our investigators have night jobs and have really sad things that came up. When we met them one of our investigators dad is struggling with cancer and she is trying to make enough money to help pay the bills . It’s so sad but we had a cool thing happen with her. We made Christina a pie on p-day and a couple days later we brought it over to her with a quote and she was crying when she answered the door. She told us “wow the stars just aligned because I really needed this!” We told her “No its God. He loves you so much and He prompted us to come by and we did.” We decided after companion prayer that we need to bring her that pie tonight. God listens to every one of his children’s prayers and he works through other people to meet their needs :) God truly does love us. a member and her daughter came out with us the other day. Sister Monson and her daughter Arianna came out to be a missionary for a day and she took pictures of us tracting and stuff. 

 The best part of it was that they were willing to do the Lords work in this cold weather and her daughter is so full of the spirit. It was like “let’s get to work!” and started even knocking the doors. It was so cute! I just know she is one of Gods Elect children that loves people so much. She is going to be an amazing missionary and is going to change so many people’s lives. Arianna showed me what missionary work is really about and that’s to love people and to be exited to get to the next door to see if they are ready to hear the Gospel :) OH man! I love my mission and all the people I’ve met on it so far! I get to be here 6 more weeks to help these people keep their commitments and help them enter the waters of baptism and to help them build their testimony of Christ’s gospel :)

Love Sister Steen

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