Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Over eating wailing and gnashing of teeth December 8, 2014

My week has been crazy but fun :)

Last Monday me and my companion Sister Allred bought a turkey :) and after pday we went out and worked. We got 3 other lessons. That never happens on a pday :) then we had Family Home Evening with the Gullions at the Brooks house. That wasn’t such a good idea. lol Lots of talking. We were there for 2 hours trying to finish our lesson lol those Gullions! lol then we dropped by brother Dunlaps cuz it was his birthday and gave him a triple combo with his name engraved :) he was so happy :) then we went home and strung popcorn for our tree that some members let us borrow :)

Tuesday we had Family Home Evening with the Dunlaps. It was so much fun and we got pictures with them. We love that family. Daren, the dad, has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday with his family :) We have been really praying and fasting for him to get his answer. Before we started his youngest daughter Rebekah picked the song “I love to see the temple” it was so cute and as Daren sang it his wife cried :) me and Sister Allred also both got our new boots. I love mine. My mom and sister have good taste :) they are warm!

Wednesday we tracted all day so we decided to make it fun and took pics with everyone’s stuff that doesn’t talk back!! We took some with stuff if the people were nice. One lady had this huge house. We talked to her for a while. She was older and her son lived with her. We asked her if we could do service for her like clean or help finish her tree. I had a big smile on my face so she said oh maybe I should let you clean. You look super happy lol then she said if you could just be my daughter and live here. lol it was funny. Sister Allred said how about two daughters and she looked at my companion really weird. I think she thought she said I have two daughters. lol oh well. It was funny but we had fun and talked to a lot of people and gave out “He is the gift” cards. It’s such a good video

Thursday, now here’s the funny part of my week. The wailing and gnashing of teeth part. lol me and sister Allred were tracting and we get to this house with a fence so she stops and shakes the gate. Nothing happens so I proceeded to open the gate. Then we hear a dog barking in the distance. I stop but she said it’s coming from the other yard so we keep going. As I’m trying to shut the gate this dog come barreling around the house hair straight up and teeth bared. I’m trying to get this dumb gate to open then next thing I know my companion is like “I’m out” grabs me by the backpack and then gets out as I’m trying to keep the dog in the yard and get out too. So I put my foot in between the gate and the dog and it flipping bit my boot!! My heart was racing and I thought I was a goner but somehow we both made it out alive and unharmed. lol that dog was evil !!!! Straight up!!! After that we told and retold that story as we tracted. Then are backs started to hurt so we turned our backpacks around and we called it pregnant backpacking. lol when we got to a house or saw someone we flipped them around really fast. lol it was a work out. That night we were still tracting. It was pouring down rain. We were riding our bikes passed the Wibergs house singing jingle bells and the kid’s chimed in. it was so cute lol my companion kept using really big words that I ended up writing down and looking up in the dictionary hahaha

Friday, My 20th birthday, I woke up and my companion made me a huge pancake and eggs. Yumm! She got me my favorite candy and it was weekly planning day so we got to stay in until 5. Sister Stewart came by and dropped off a yummy red velvet pumpkin roll and a Card. I love her! Then Sister Monson came by and gave me 2 presents. I opened one it was lasagna cuz for dinner we are having clam chowder and I told her the story about brother Toolson asking what my favorite food is and then getting clam chowder anyway haha the Kennewick park elders made me cookies and hot chocolate. I didn’t open sister Monson’s bigger present until her daughter got off school. She brought me a balloon and candy canes and drew me a cute picture :) then I opened the other present and got 3 boxes of chezzits!!!!!! I was so happy :) we started making our turkey in the morning and it got done right at 12 so we had a thanksgiving lunch and it was so good. We went to the Toolsons for dinner. The clam chowder was good and they made me a cake :) they sang happy birthday to me. That night the Zone leaders dropped by and sang the best happy birthday song and they bought me my favorite ice-cream cake ever! Cookie dough! I don’t know how they knew but I had the best birthday ever! I didn’t record it at the door but I got to the next day. I ate so much!

Saturday zone meeting I got to do a training on roll plays. it went good :) we had a training by elder Palmer and it was on Jeremiah 16:16 we are Hunters now!!!! Hunt them from the Mountains, hills, and out of the holes of the rocks. Dig, Scratch, and claw. Find them!!
 We aren’t fishing anymore no more nets we have to find that one person that is searching for the truth that ONE that doesn’t know yet. We have to hunt for them. They aren’t just going to come to us. We have to search. We have to work hard and start now!!! Jeremiah 16:16 is my life and I’m never ever going back. I love this work too much. I love seeing how the gospel changes lives. Why would we ever go back? Why would we even think it? I cry and pray for those who go back. I’ve seen too many of Gods miracles to even think of going back. I beg you all who have found the trueness of this everlasting gospel to never ever go back. For all you missionaries and return missionaries you’ve seen Gods hand in the work. Never forget that! Never! And for those who have never experienced a mission live it! That is your mission. Live the gospel. Please be that example to those who don’t have the gospel. Don’t go back. Search diligently for your everlasting testimony and share it. Don’t hide your talents. Don’t hide your faith. I’ve met way too many Christians that don’t share there beliefs or love for God. If you love God WHY NOT SHARE IT? Why not tell the world that YOU ARE A MORMON!! I’ve never been happier then I am right now living the gospel and sharing it. It’s the greatest feeling in the world. I love you all so much and I want you to have this joy " HE IS THE GIFT" I invite everyone family and friends member and non-member to DISCOVER THE GIFT EMBRACE THE GIFT AND SHARE THE GIFT and never ever go back

After district meeting the elders did my birthday song again. I recorded it this time then we went to Texas road house. I got a 6oz sirloin. Yumm! We had a Christmas party and it was so good! It was an adult one in Ridgeview cuz they have so many people there isn’t room for the kids so they do a separate one for the kids :) dinner was good then desert came and I wanted to try everything. I got full fast and this guy I was sitting by was like “looks like your taking that home” well we are on bikes and I’m not going home until later so I either waste it or eat it. then he was joking with me and told me a story of this guy that would stand by the trash can and every time a little kid was about to throw away all his food the guy would tell him to go finish it and not waste it. So I felt like I couldn’t just throw it out now. Then my comp dared me to eat it all. Oh man the brownie was so rich I was sick and then she told me to cowboy up! lol so you know me I had to finish so I did and then felt like I needed to throw up. funny story we had an appointment in like 20 min and we have to bike there it talks about 30 min to get there on bikes so I pulled myself together and we biked fast and got there in under 20 min and our ward mission leader met up with us to teach Jacob. We got in there house and it started off rough. He talked about Dunbels for 15 min then we prayed with him and the spirit was there. After the prayer I felt better I didn’t even feel sick we talked about the atonement more with him. He doesn’t really grasp what the atonement is about. I shared my testimony of how it took me awhile to really understand the atonement and how it took a while for the burdens that were on my shoulders to go away. They don’t always just go away. The first time you pray and ask for forgiveness. I know that and you have to have faith in God and show him your willing to keep doing it and never giving up. I asked him if he would like a blessing. He told me getting a blessing is like an athlete doing steroids he thinks if he gets a blessing he is cheating. If he only knew how the power of the priesthood feels and how it can help lift burdens!! :( He also gave an analogy of a brick in the purse. how if you have a heavy brick in your purse for so long its annoying but you get used to it and that how he feels that he’s used to it. He is so hard on himself and he doesn’t know that if he really tries to repent the burden goes away if his mind just makes it go away or if it’s really gone and that bothers him. He thinks too hard on that. We invited him to really pray and go with his questions and then read the book of Mormon and he will find his answers. He didn’t promise us that he would. He told us a dream he had about how he was on a plane and it was falling out of the sky. He knew he was about to die so he prayed and the lady by him saw him and started to pray too. Then the plane stopped falling and landed safely. He got another chance but he didn’t really grasp what the dream meant. He is just too hard on himself :(

Sunday sister Pratt shared her testimony about an experience she had with me and sister Allred. She said we are so bold and she doesn’t think she can ever be that bold and how grateful she is that she got to be a part of that. sister Vicary came up to us after and told us she wanted to share her testimony but she was so scared and she is so glad sister Pratt got up there. Savana, Brother Dunlap’s daughter, told us she is fasting for her dad. She is about 10. It was so cute I started to cry. I know Darren is going to find his answer about the Book of Mormon soon :)

I know this church is true. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ and the priesthood, the power and authority given to man to speak and act in God’s name has been restored by a prophet Joseph Smith who was called to be a prophet of the restoration. I know that the temple is a sacred place where we make sacred covenants with God and where families can be sealed for time and all eternity. I know that the covenant of baptism is a sacred ordinance that we do to show Christ we will follow Him. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world and that through His atonement we can repent and come unto Him. That we can give him all of our burdens and sins. That we can be clean. I know that after this life we can be with our families and with God once again. I know that this gospel can bless the lives of families and individuals. I know that my Redeemer lives. amen

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