Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanksgiving Week!! December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving week was pretty good!!

On Tuesday we went with our new Sister Missionary in the ward and her husband to teach Isabela and her boyfriend Paul. It’s a very interesting couple. Isabela has a husband, a boyfriend and some girlfriends. We were teaching her and him about “the Family a Proclamation to the World”. Isabela doesn’t like that we pray to a man. She hates that in scriptures it says mankind and not womenkind. We answered all her questions and at the end invited them to read the Book of Mormon and pray. Paul doesn’t know if there is a God but he said he will pray.

on Wednesday we did service for one of our ward missionaries, sister V. We helped her sort food into boxes. We had dinner at the Fulmar’s and they had to friends over that were our age. We talked about the gospel and we shared with them are favorite scripters. Adriana is about to be baptized. It’s coming up on the 13th and she is so excited. We were asked to talk in church. My talk was on how I decided to serve a mission and my preparation of going and how it’s blessed my life. Thanksgiving Day was crazy!! We had so many dinners and it was like in the 50s. It WAS SUCH A NICE DAY!!! We helped the Gullions make breakfast and helped make the turkey. it was huge! just for 3 people lol

 and helped make a pumpkin pie. Then went to the Stokers and had one of the healthiest thanksgiving dinners ever. lol then went to the Kinsies then the Brooks where they had over 20 pies. It was really good. It’s cool to see other people’s traditions. Lots of people didn’t make gravy lol and they almost all had ham and turkey. Well after that we did weekly planning and that night and on Friday we had an amazing lesson with the D family. Daren hasn’t gotten his answer if the Book of Mormon is true or not but he said he won’t give up. He said he hasn’t felt the Holy Ghost yet. He said the only time he feels the Holy Ghost is when we are there :) so we read the Book of Mormon with the family then invited them to read one chapter a day until the 14th and pray to know if it’s true. He said he would. Today is his birthday and we called him, and sang happy birthday and are dropping off a present. Me and my comp are going to buy him a triple combination with his name engraved in it :) On Saturday we went to the G family’s and read with Adrianna. We tracted then we went to the Kinsies for dinner. I had a bad reaction to something. I started being itchy before we went to dinner but it got really bad at dinner. I asked my comp if it was bad she said no so we went to dinner. When we got to dinner sister Kensy said i had hives all over my neck. Sister Allred said no its just red. lol after dinner we went home and I took off some layers and my whole body was covered in hives. my lip was swollen and sister Allred called Sister Monson then a ward doctor came and I took Benedryl and got a blessing. Then I was out the rest of the night. Good thing I was done preparing my talk for Sunday. I slept until i had to go give my talk and ended up not even reading what i had prepared but really talking from the heart. I shared a quote that my mom gave me by Ezra Taft Benson and that’s really what made me want to serve a mission. After my talk sister Allred spoke and it was amazing. Then our ward mission leader Brother Ewing talked. It was such a good sacrament meeting. Someone came up to me after and said thanks for sharing that quote. he had heard it once before and wanted to send it to his son but couldn’t find it so he looked it up and sent it to him :) at the end of the night we stopped by a potential investigators house, Eric and Pallen and they let us in. Eric said we ran in to him 3 times and he knows that God led us to him. He kept saying that and that’s why he let us in. We taught about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and invited them to read it and pray to know if it is true. He said I know God sent us to him. The spirit was so strong! I love being a missionary. i love this work and i love all the people i get to teach and talk to every day :)

my birthday is coming up I’m going to be 20 lol Brother Tolsen in the ward asked me what I want for dinner on my birthday. I told him I like lasagna so he’s making me clam chowder. bahahaha it’s going to be great :)

Love you all

Love Sister Steen

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