Friday, December 19, 2014

Temple Week :-) December 18, 2014

Our investigator Jacob's 18 wheeler :D

This week was a long one. We didn’t have pday on Monday cuz it was temple week. the adversary worked so hard on me this week by discouraging me and making it so I wouldn't feel up to going to the temple and we almost didn’t make it. Everything was going wrong but when we got there all that panic and anger just left. I love the temple and how strong the spirit is there. We had 2 people drop us yesterday and it just was the last thing I could take. I broke down :( but I cried it out and I’m ok. I have to remember we aren’t fishers anymore we are hunters and we are looking for that one person that is ready and accepting of the gospel. Last Tuesday we had a Christmas devotional and it was sooo good. We got to watch a slide show of our mission. That was so fun. They gave us all a copy of it :) my birthday was so fun! I loved it. I got pretty spoiled. I got a big box during the Christmas devotional and every one was asking who sent me flowers. It ended up being my best friend Eddie :)
 they are so pretty he is the best!! 
Our investigator Adriana got baptized on the 13th Saturday morning at 9:30.
 On Sunday me and my companion sister Allred sang in church for invitation Sunday. We sang Come Follow Me. Our investigator Daren was there. His wife was so sick. She had a kidney stone and still came to church so her husband would come. We had a lesson with them that night. We tried to put him on date but he said no. It’s been a hard week but worth it. We got a text the other day from Jen our investigator asking what she needs to do to prepare for baptism. Me and sister Allred freaked out and at that moment just knelt down and prayed and thanked God for this miracle. Jen also asked us if she had to wait until she is baptized to get a CTR ring or if she can get one now lol she went to primary with her daughter and learned what CTR meant :) and she loves it :) we got to go zone caroling it was fun lol its funny people even reject the missionaries when you just sing to them. We get to go and do it again tonight :) not a lot happened this week just a lot of ups and downs but its good. I love it here :)

Love, Sister Lacey Steen :)
 saying goodbye to Elder Kennedy
 My mom and dad sent me a 12 days of Christmas package. It is so fun
 And CIRCLES!!!!

 Trying to teach a group of missionaries to make coffee for a service project we did.  lol it was pretty funny!! we had no clue what we where doing!!
at the Gullion's house


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