Friday, January 23, 2015

January 19, 2015

This week was so good. We got to see Adams. It’s a really small town in our area just outside of Pendleton. A whole 3 miles out lol we don’t get to go there a lot but we got to on our way home from district meeting. I got the prompting to go to Adams and right when I was about to say something Sister Rasmussen said lets go by Adams. It was so cool that we both got that prompting. I’ve learned to never ignore the feeling you get because miracles always happen when you follow the spirit. :) We got in town and found the city hall/ library. the library was open and we talked to the librarian /medic in the area. lol we asked her for a map and she laughed she asked how do you get lost in a town like Adams? lol its true its way small but she still gave us a map. It even has some house numbers on it, pretty awesome. After we left we saw two guys outside and talked to them. the younger guy ended up being a less active guy he just got out of the military and is going back to college. he gave us his info and said we can comeback. We are hoping we can teach him when he is in town in Pendleton for classes so we don’t have to drive so far. We got to knock some houses and the librarian said that the school in town is actually a house so we tried by but no one was home. lol the other day we got lost trying to find where our dinner appointment lived. We never made it to dinner. The map cut off out of town so we ended up by this abandoned house. Creepy! lol but we found another house a couple miles away and knocked. No one opened the door so we went back to the car and it was locked. I laughed and said “really? You locked the car?” lol We are in the middle of nowhere. it was funny mostly because it was dark and I just wanted to get in the car fast hahah we ended up having dinner at Taco Bell woot!! lol I was sick on my year mark and felt really bad. Then all of our appointments canceled so I new that God wanted me to take a day and get better. The next day I was good to go and we worked hard. It rained all day Saturday it was awesome I love rain. We tried some referrals and we found a less active family. Their kids where never baptized so we started teaching them. it was so cool such a miracle :) we keep finding all these lost people and we are going to try and help them find their way back. :) We do role plays at every dinner it’s really fun. The families get in to it :) I gave my talk in church. I’m starting to get better at talking in church. It feels good. :) Sunday night, before it was time to go in for the night, we tracted in to a lady that said she took the missionary discussions before but she felt judged the whole time. she said she loves the Mormons and has seen so many loving people in her life that are Mormon the only thing she is having a hard time grasping is a living prophet. We shared our beliefs with her and read in the bible about prophets. We are going to go back and teach her more. She is so awesome! Her name is April.

It was a great week

Love you all xoxox

Love Sister Steen

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