Monday, January 12, 2015

January 5, 2015 Happy New Year!

I am in Pendleton, Oregon :) I love it here. It is way smaller then Kennewick. I’m over 2 wards here too but they are in the same building. They are really small wards. we have a huge area and no gps and no map so sister Rasmussen is really trying to find places. lol someone told me that there is a mountain named Steen mountain here. I thought that was pretty cool. Then he told me it was named after a cattle thief and i laughed and said oh yeah sounds like the Steens ;) he just looked at me. I don’t think he thought it was that funny lol oh well! Lots of one way streets here lol but people here actually talk to you. A lot of humble people it’s kind of a nice change. We have had some freezing rain not too bad though. I’m starting to get to know the investigators here :) I love them already :) The first lesson we taught was with a member at our investigators friend’s house so we had an amazing lesson. Then on Sunday the ladies husband was talking to us and asked how he can help with the cleanliness of our investigator so that the spirit can be there. Me and sister Rasmussion looked at each other. We were a little lost and so he kept going and he explained that his wife came home in tears and wouldn’t let him near her until he took a shower and told us that we shouldn’t be in homes like that with feces all over and human bodily fluids and so forth. well I was holding back my laugh because it was pretty bad but we are so used to it that you just learn to love the people and help them make those changes in their life. We can’t just tell them we can’t teach you cuz your house is a mess. That poor lady she is so cute and vary innocent that was so hard for her. It was so funny trying to explain this to these adults that I’m sure have served a mission before. you know I’ve grown so much here. I’ve grown to love people here.

My comp is kind of different. I had met her before and it was awkward so yeah I cried big time when I was leaving sister Allred. when I got to Oregon I was thinking ok I need to figure out how to help my companion and serve her. I need to learn to love her fast or this is going to be a very long transfer. Well I prayed long and hard. Well at dinner they were asking us what the hardest thing about a mission is and she said companions so I already new things weren’t good between us and I didn’t know what to do. She is so different from me and she does things that drive me so crazy.

I wanted to just cry lol but i literally just said a prayer in my heart and decided to and love her. So we were doing companion inventory and it was one of the best ones I’ve had on my mission. I’m so grateful for the things I’ve learned from my mom or i wouldn’t have been able to be here 100% for sister Rasmesson. well she told me what I need to work on and that is talking to her after lessons and evaluating the good and bad of it. That’s not hard to do at all so I was happy that’s what I need to work on. Well I had to think of something that she needed to work on. She told me that one of her companions told her she didn’t have faith and that made her so mad. Well I’m also grateful for president Ware for telling me i didn’t have enough faith in interviews one day. I was so mad. I thought I have faith in Christ! When i calmed down and humbled myself I studied Faith in Christ. well he wasn’t telling me i didn’t believe in Christ he was telling me i didn’t have the faith to put someone on date or have the faith to drop someone if its best for the area and so many more things i didn’t have enough faith to trust that Christ knows what is needed and I need to trust in Him. well i knew just how she felt and I shared that with her. then I told her she needed to work on her OYMs her knocking doors and talking to people. I told her rush to the restoration! That’s the most important part of why we are here and they are waiting to hear it. God is giving us these chances to bare simple but powerful testimony about how that church was restored and if they don’t like our message well then they aren’t ready yet!! She also shared with me that there was contention with our sister training leaders. We are living in their area and they are living in ours. Well they switched because the STLs where in a trio and the place they live in is way small so it made sense. Well she asked them when we were going to switch back and I guess they have been cold with her ever since. Well I told her when interviews come along to talk to president Ware. I told her I don’t know these sisters very well but I know that its best to get the contention worked out if it’s going to mess with the work we are here to do. I love my comp so much. All she wants to do is do the work and be unified and I’m not going to drag her down. I’m not going to be that sister. I’ve been there and i don’t want to put here threw what I’ve been through.

mom I felt Gods love so much more the day I asked myself what can I do to love her and serve her. what can I do to make her mission all she wants it to be. How can i make her feel loved? How can i make her feel accepted? Mom I just want you to know you taught me that and it’s taken me well about a year on the mission but I think I’m starting to really understand.

Thanks. I love you. I love my new area. I love my companion and I love my mission!!!

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