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Transfers/Christmas December 29, 2014


I went Christmas shopping for sister Allred and for our white elephant we had last Monday. It was fun sister Larsen stole my gap sweater. I picked in the pile then I ended up with a little basketball :) lol on our way to pday I took a wrong turn and I got lost in a trailer park lol after planning for the night we made gingerbread houses :)

On Tuesday we went trackting in the morning like always. No one was home but there where these dogs that were following us and there was a little dog that was limping so we were trying to pick it up and it wouldn’t let us get close to it. Then this guy told us he roams the streets all the time and he belongs to his neighbor so we ended up calling the dog a pan handler because it was begging but won’t take it if it’s not good enough. lol we recorded the other two dogs following us. it was funny. Sister Allred almost hit one of them. We went to the ARC for the last time. They had a Christmas party later that night. we went zone caroling after we got home and planned. Then we made sugar cookies

On Wednesday we took people the cookies we made. It was difficult cuz it was pouring outside and we were on bikes. I tried to put them in my bag but they all fell out in my bag so we ended up parking our bikes and walking. lol we had our last district meeting before the transfer. It was really good. We made goals and picked some scripters to help us work on them. We tracted the rest of the night everyone was eating dinner or getting ready to so no one wanted to talk to us. But we kept going and ran in to this guy he was so funny he talked to us forever. He told us a story that happened last Christmas with him and his brother. they went sleighing in the sand dunes and you could only imagine these to old guys flying through the air and the old guys brother just freaking out. lol my comp didn’t think it was as funny as I did but I thought that would be sweet. We had dinner with bishop Stewart. Sister Stewart made homemade lasagna!!! oh man! I was so lucky! She never cooks she always gets take out. We were pretty lucky then we got to call our parents for 5 minutes. My mom didn’t recognize my voice. after we got off the phone we went to the hollies Christmas party it was fun we ate and played songs on the bells we left early cuz it was making us home sick. we went to Jens to give her her 12th day of Christmas. we got her a CTR ring she loved it and hasn’t taken it off. lol her son Tyler, he is 11, was talking to us and we talked about the God head and how the holy ghost can help us do the right thing. he asked if the holy ghost was here now we smiled and told him yes he is and as long as you’re doing what is right he will always be watching out for him. We get to start teaching him after Jen gets baptized on the 10th. When we got home we just cleaned and got ready for Christmas

On Thursday me and sister Allred read the manger story in the bible and then opened presents. Sister Allred’s mom got us pillowcases with a scripter on it. She also got me some nice warm socks :) all throughout the week of Christmas I got to open up a gift from my mom. She sent me 12 days of Christmas and on the last day I got a calendar with pictures of Christ. I love it can’t wait to start using it. We went to the Monsen’s and skyped my parents. it was way fun to see them and how happy they are. then we had brunch and sister Monsen was telling us how her daughter woke up at 12 and saw that Santa had come already lol so they had Christmas at 12 am lol then we got to open our stockings and then we saw they had lots of presents for us too. They spoiled us. We love them so much. We got to go home and take a nap and then went to the Dunlap’s for dinner. We got to spend time with them then got home and watched some church movies until bed time

Friday was weekly planning. After dinner we had a lesson with Jen. She was telling us about how when she was praying she knew she needed to be baptized. It was a really good lesson on the word of wisdom. She doesn’t even have to worry about any of that : D then went home and finished planning.

On Saturday we got the call :( we found out that we are getting doubled out of Kennewick and elders are getting doubled in which is probably good for some of our male investigators. Sister Allred got called to be an STL just like my last comp sister Peatross. Then we cried a little. Then went and did service for the Gullion’s we helped build a fence. 
Then he took us out to Fugeamas they have amazing food and they cook it right in front of your face. The chef was so funny and we got to catch chicken in our mouths. Then we tracted the rest of the day and tried potentials but lots of people weren’t home. I got the other transfer calls and I found out I’m going to Pendleton with the cowboys just like my companion predicted lol maybe I’ll stay there for the roundup haha elder nelson my zone leader here is going to be my zone leader there lol still can’t believe we are getting doubled out. We called sister Monsen to tell her the news and she didn’t believe us. Her daughter over heard her and started to cry. We got to talk to her and tell her we will write her :) Sunday was nice we got to sleep until 6:30 then went to our meetings. We went home, made breakfast and did our studies. Church was hard. We had to tell everyone the news. Bishop Stewart choked up a little. He is one of my favorite bishops. He kind of reminds me of my bishop back at home, bishop Cluff. We got so say some goodbyes and had are last recent convert lesson with Adriana. We helped 2 people come to the waters of baptism here and I know God is happy with our work. I’ll work just as hard or harder in Pendleton. I can’t wait! New companion! New area! New Year! :)

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