Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 26, 2015

wow!! A week of miracles! I love my mission. Teresa was supposed to get baptized this Saturday but her daughter had to go to the hospital. Satan is working so hard to make it so people hold off getting baptized but its ok. I know she will next week :) On Saturday we had a lesson with a former, Debbie, she is so cute. She is an older lady and she invited her daughter and her granddaughter to come to the lesson. She had so many good questions and we were able to answer them all :D. We taught a lot and she ended up saying she really wants to learn more and said we can come over on Saturdays :) we invited them to come to church and guess what! They came! Well her daughter and granddaughter did, but that’s great! Debbie wasn’t feeling too good. We got 4 investigators to church!!! Ahhhh!! That has never happened on my mission. That’s a huge miracle. Going to church is a huge step for most people and once they go the spirit is always so much stronger and they want to go more. We had a lesson with a lady we are teaching. Her name is Andrea. We gave her some space a couple of weeks ago and she called and said she needs us to come over like now! lol so we went over there and she said ok I’m ready to do this! When can I get baptized? We said she has to make sure she has a good understanding of the things we teach her and so we set up a time to do that :). So she is on date for February 28th woot!! We have a mission goal to get 1 baptism per companionship every week. It will be good!! We went tracting the other day and found a lost member. He is so cool! He joined the church in Germany and he was in the military. He wants to come back!! ahh I love my mission! We had interviews on Friday and they were soooooooooooo good!! Ok funny story really fast. so we we’re picking up random cans so we can give them to this guy because he goes dumpster diving for cans. Well he said money but that’s what he meant. so I picked up a beer can and put it in a bag in are trunk and then we went to Andrea’s and right when we parked a cop pulled up behind us and my companion said she was freaking out because we have a beer can in the back of are trunk lol and I’m under age! I was laughing so hard!!

I love my mission!

Love Sister Steen
 We found the font
it was so foggy on our way to interview with President Wear 
 selfie with some of our district.  don't I look kinda funny!! oh well lol

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