Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

 lol sprinklers are missionaries friends :D

So this week has been really awesome! We got 2 new investigators. One we found through the formers in the area book. She isn’t very happy with me that I found her my last week here but she is slowly forgiving me. lol She love the gospel and believes that most of what we teach is true but she doesn’t think she needs to be baptized. She is deathly afraid of water but we know if she gains a stronger testimony and faith in Christ that she will be able to overcome it. Another investigator we have was a referral from the STLs sister training leaders which was a potential that I had from when I first got here that I could never get in with. Well we got in had a lesson with her and her boyfriend was there and turns out he is a less active member of the church. He is the kind of less active that you wonder why he is less active. He was testifying of the Book of Mormon the whole time. It was awesome. He explained stuff to her that she looked confused about. He was really nice. We are going to have to take it slow with her cuz she doesn’t have a religious background. She was relieved that God loved her enough to forgive her and that her son isn’t going to hell if he dies before he is baptized. He is 4 and people have been telling her he is going to hell if he dies. She is really scared of the end of the world but we assured her that the gospel will bring her peace. We had a new member lesson with Mike and the poor guy just doesn’t look to good :( he couldn’t remember anything and he just looked so sad and kept apologizing. I’m glad we had it in the bishop’s home. The spirit was there and I think Mike felt comfortable and loved. Sometimes I wish I could do more for Mike :( We have been invited to do a 40 day fast as a mission and me and my comp are doing it together. We have to write down all the things that distract us and make it so we are less obedient and pray about it. Also to know what things the Lord thinks is distracting to us and then don’t do them, repent and be better. The more obedient we are the more the spirit of the Lord can be with us. In our missionary work we have been going through the missionary hand book AKA white bible and are writing down things we need to work on to become more exactly obedient. We have a lot to work on but they will make us better. We are really exited and we know this will help the work progress because the Lord will trust us even more :) We are also praying as a companionship to find a family of 5 who is prepared and ready to accept the gospel and that are all baptismal age. I have never taught a family on my mission and if I can find them this week I will have accomplished all that I have desired to on my mission :) Sister Satele is one of the most amazing missionaries I have ever been around. Her desire is to serve the Lord and to become what the Lord wants her to become. She is a powerful missionary who is so in tune with the spirit. I always know when she tells me that we need to go somewhere that she is following the spirit. She is going to do great things in this mission and she will go home just as I will, a better more Christ like daughter of God. The gospel changes lives. It brings you closer to God and Christ. It brings you closer to family and friends and it brings so much peace and happiness. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and the Church of Jesus Christ is Christ’s church. I know we have a living prophet today and that he gets revelation for our days. The world is a scary place but with the gospel and the love I have for Christ I’m truly at peace. I have no fear for the future because I know as long as I’m following Christ that I will be protected and watched over. The gospel brings peace and joy and that is what I feel every day. Yes times get hard and things happen in life that we can’t change or stop but we can overcome any thing with the Saviors help. Through his atoning sacrifice we can be free. Let the Lord lift you up and carry your burdens. Love him enough to trust that he will make it better. I know that Christ truly does live. In the name of Jesus Christ amen

Love Sister Steen

After service at PAWS we ran through sprinklers cuz it was so hot. We were just going to run through once but we ended up just getting soaked lol oops ;)
Our tiny room that we rearranged.  I gave Sister Satele my bed cuz its much better than the other one. She always lays on mine when I'm in the bathroom or when I'm just walking around talking to her lol
Got my flight plans in the mail on Friday #TrunkyLetter #Homebydinner

 I finished the book of mormon today woot just in time ;)

lol funny story... so a couple weeks ago we got a text from Elder Sously who is over all the cars in the mission.  Well this is the text we got:

 ok so i was talking to Sister Satele and I was like I feel like I'm a green driver. I kinda made it a goal to be a green driver the rest of my mission so I was kinda disappointed but I was just glad that every one else was struggling to be green too. lol then we got this text:

and then we were freaking out!! We were so excited! I couldn't believe it!! Out of every one in the whole mission, this was before the mission split, I was the only green driver!! I couldn't believe it! haha then we got the last text which I didn't get a picture of.  I forgot but it was just saying that he messed up and that almost everyone is a green driver and to have a good day!! lol it was soooo stinking funny but I felt kinda cool that my name was the only one on every missionaries phone in the whole mission haha missions are soo fun:)

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