Monday, July 6, 2015

June 29, 2015

 this is a really long bridge that we went street contacting on one night yea not a vary safe place at night lol 

 there is a cool river walk that we have been trying to street contact people on and we have realized that no one is on that trail to just walk and talk to people lol most of the people have head phones on and are on a bike or running and the people that are walking see us and either turn around and start running or put there head phones on and act like we don't exist 

My week… where to start Well one of our recent converts moms took him and left town so we don’t know when we will ever see him again. That was really sad. I hope he remembers all that he learned and sets that example for his family.

Mike is doing sooo good. He is getting interviewed on the 4th of July and is getting baptized on the 11th. We have been invited by our mission president to have a baptism every month and so fare I’ve been able to do that with the Lords help. Mike asked us one day if we could somehow get him an electric shaver so that he can look good at his baptism. It was so cute. We had dinner with bishop that night so we asked him if we could do that. He is and he also is getting him some Sunday cloths. Mike is so excited for his baptism. He just keeps telling everyone he can’t wait to be a true Mormon. It was sad the other day we were talking to Lucas and he told us his mom said he was already baptized and he messed up. It was so sad and we couldn’t do anything about it. I told sister Satele that he is going to be another Mike where he wanted to be Mormon so bad but his mom never let him now he is 77 and if finally able to join Christ’s church.

My sinuses have been hurting so bad this week and my eyes are so itchy. I’m pretty sure I have itched them raw. Sister Satele has been taking really good care of me. I love her. She is such an amazing missionary she definitely knows her purpose as a missionary and she has such a strong desire to work hard to do the Lords work. I feel like when missionaries really want to do the work satan makes it hard and tries to discourage us. We are so unified in are companionship but some of the missionaries think we are struggling. Sister Satele asked me if she is just blind to it and I told her no we really aren’t having any problems. It’s kind of frustrating when they make her feel like that. She is going to do amazing things on her mission. She has such a desire to teach people the gospel. In our weekly planning and monthly planning we prayed to know what the Lords vision for this area is and then we had the impression to call all the less actives that our bishops want us to see. We have some ste appointments that we are going to bring members to and help reactivate them. I truly think most people just need a friend in the gospel. Then came a miracle. We got a call just around the end when we were trying to fill in the rest of the hours in the week and it was a member who was just talking with one of our former investigators. He said she is ready to learn more. When he told us her name I got really excited because I’m the one who dropped her when I first got to this area. I’m so excited to start teaching her again. We have some awesome referrals we have gotten and we are excited to start teaching them too and invite them to come unto Christ and be baptized :)

I love my mission I have 4 weeks to do as much as I can :D

Love Sister Steen
 this is the bowl that we live in :) it doesnt even show most of it but its pretty cool
 This is Elder Tiwi lol the only elder that is allowed in our car. we got him like 2 or 3 months ago lol in a zone conference and i forgot to take pics lol soo here it is. This little black box is going to make us missionary's better drivers. It watches our speeding our seat-belts and if we are driving recklessly. I went over a massive speed bump a couple weeks ago and I was going like 4 MPH lol and the bottom of the car just hit the speed bump and i got called out on reckless driving. oh man! I was so not happy. I will never go that way again. I have to go the long way now lol

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