Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

Well this week has been so fun. We have been praying for miracles all week and on Wednesday it happened. we went to a less actives house java and we saw how he was doing. He told us to go to his friend’s house they all work for Vivint. So we went the first time and I knocked the wrong door. we were with a sister missionary that was going home this week. On Wednesday we tried again and it was just me and my comp this time. We knocked on the right door. She let us in and we got to know her a little and she started giving us all these names we should go try. They all live in the same apartment it was her brother and some other Vivint guy. When we knocked on the door a guy answered that I new in Yakima. He was installing a Vivint system in the Black’s house, the family I lived with out there, so it was so easy to get in and talk to them. Megan, the lady that gave us the referrals came down and we talked to them about missions and the temple and baptism. They are all in different places of their lives. Two of them weren’t even members but they listened and asked questions. We read some out of the Book of Mormon and the two members that lived there ran and got theirs. It was so cool to see how exited they were about us being there. Jonah is the one I met in Yakima. He is getting ready to go on a mission and Randy is a recent convert and has been a member for a year. So we got to talk about the temple and missions with them we invited them to church. Java, Randy and Jonah came. We didn’t know Randy and Johan came but Java sat by us and we were able to share our testimonies in front of them. it was crazy. i usually get really scared and go blank but i was really calm and just said what came to my mind. I looked people in the face and it felt so good. Java was so sweet. He said I did really good and i could really tell he needed to be there. There is a foreign exchange student in are ward living with the Brooks and they took us out to eat at a Thai place and I was so scared cuz I don’t do that scary foreign food stuff hahah. He was laughing at me the whole time and he snap chatted his friends back home me eating a really spicy soup. i was dying! lol Brother Brooks came up to us after church and told us he is so glad we shared our testimonies because when we got up there he was excited because he knew us. so that was cool. we have family home evening with the Hiatts again tonight and I’m so excited. Sister Hiatt is teaching the lesson :) and she got to go out to some of our lessons this week. she is really trying to set a good example to her kids by getting more active :) this morning at 10 Eli and Shantel, the family we live with, dumped a huge tractor of water on us. 

 It was soooo cold and sooo fun. My mission is so so fun and every day is a new adventure. 
We have a bear going around the mission and his name is elder Oso. 

The new district leaders said they found him hiding in their closet haha. So he said the other zone by us found out and are now trying to steal Oso back. So he gave him to us and we are keeping him safe. He got to ride around with us in the car on Sunday but he is safe in our room now :) I love you all. Share the gospel with the world. flood the world with your simple but powerful testimonies and for all of you who are thinking about going on a mission do it!!! It will change your life forever in the best way possible way. I’m a different person then I was before I left. I never thought the mission would teach me so many life skills and I know because I’m serving the Lord my family is being blessed. your testimonies will grow stronger and you will have the courage to share your love of the gospel with the people you love members and non-members alike. Pray about the mission build your foundation on Christ and you will never fail. I can promise you that. In the name of our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ amen

Love sister Steen
 This is our area boundry

 Gracy and Cadence


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