Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 7, 2014

This week was good. We did a lot of service. A less active lady asked us if we could mow her lawn and line trim. So we did and we pulled some weeds and made it look beautiful. She asked me if I could fix her sprinklers because one of them was not working so after we were done I looked at her sprinklers and some of them where just turned all the way off. So I turned them all so they were facing the grass and we made it look real good. We picked all the tomatoes that needed picking and put them in her house and then we had a lesson with her. She told us she was having a really rough day and when she saw her lawn she just wanted to cry. It was so cool. We stopped by the Gurney’s to tell them we stopped by Jen’s and we were going to invite her to stake conference. They told us they already invited her and she can’t make it. They asked us how our week has been and we told them it was so good. Brother Gurney told us this is why he gave us Jen because most of the missionaries that came to their house always told them the negative parts and it was so cool to be the one companionship that is ready to help their friend come in to the gospel. They told us she stopped going to her church because it just doesn’t feel like the right church. She wants to come to church when she finishes her tests. I’ve been praying about how to help the Hyatt’s youngest boy Trent. I was asked to give the lesson tonight for family home evening and it’s going to be on the Priesthood. I was able to practice it last night at the Monson’s house. Their son is turning 12 and Brother Monson is our ward mission leader and asked if I could share what I learned with him. It was so cool I felt the spirit so strong I really hope the spirit takes over the lesson tonight and helps open Trent’s eyes to the powers of the priesthood. He is 12. D&C121 is what I’m reading with them tonight. :)

I love and miss you all so so much :)

Love Sister Steen
"I can almost reach"

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