Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 15, 2014

This week was crazy! We had a specialized training on Tuesday and it was all about weekly planning and changing the culture of our mission. How we need to be obedient if we want success. Our weekly planning on Fridays went from 4 hours to 7. It’s so crazy. but its helping us have set appointments for everyday at every hour and when we don’t have a set appointment that’s when we go and find. Our mission has had a culture of breaking the rules and not being the missionaries we are called to be by just being tourists and college students. We are changing the culture and we are going to be exactly obedient in all things. God and the mission president are preparing us for something bigger than us as missionaries. We have to be ready. Me and my companion Sister Peatres are striving to be exactly obedient. When we wake up in the morning we say a prayer together and during our personal study we really strive to study for our investigators. Then in companion study we share what we learned and that usually helps us know what they really need to learn that day. I’m so excited to see the culture of the mission change. I came on a mission to be a missionary not a tourist or a college student.

The sisters we share the car with were driving and they had to stop really fast and the truck behind them hit them. They are ok. We didn’t have a car yesterday but the elders gave us theirs because they have a smaller area. That was nice of them.

I got pretty sick at church yesterday and slept all day and night and woke up with a small headache but I’m ok now. It’s probably just stress. idk. Lol I love my mission. So many things are happening. We are praying to find people who are ready and that means we have to talk to everyone we see because we never know if that’s the person God sent us too :) I’m so grateful to have this church in my life. Its strengthened my spiritual growth and its helped me have a better relationship with my family. I know that by following the example that Jesus set for us we will be in the celestial kingdom with our families for eternity. I want to marry my husband in the temple and be sealed to him for time and all eternity. That is how important family is to me. When I get to heaven I want to see all the people I love friends and family :). That is why we have the temple so we can make that covenant with god to be with our families for time and all eternity. Not just until death. I know this is Christ’s church once again and this earth restored in its fullness with the priesthood that was given to men for the salvation of his people. the priesthood is the power and authority of God given to men to act in Christ’s name to do the things Christ did when he was on the earth. I know that if you have a desire to really know if this is Christ’s church pray and ask God and when you feel that burning feeling inside I know that it is the spirit and that all good feelings are of God and when you get that answer act on it. This world is full of sadness and hurt but with the fullness of the gospel you can have a peace and happiness.

Love Sister Steen <3

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