Monday, September 1, 2014

August 25, 2014

Its transfer week Me and Sister Peatross are staying. Yay! I love this area and its starting to pick up. We have at least 1 lesson a day which is a big deal for our area. Woot! haha Not a lot has happened this week but Frank is on date to be baptized for October 4th and we took him to see a baptism the other day. He seemed to love it. we have a lesson this week with him.... I just want you all to know that prayer works and that when you are going through a hard time God is there and He will comfort you. You just have to take the time to talk to Him and ask Him to help you. He is a gentlemen and He isn’t going to do anything until you ask Him. He has given us that agency. I love you all. I got an email today from elder Walters a guy I met in Utah and we weren’t close friends. I met him once and this week has been kind of rough for me. When I got his message I knew he was listening to the spirit because everything he said to me is what I needed to hear and he didn’t know if it was my email he just guessed and it just was an answer to my prayers. When you feel promptings to do something never ignore it because it can help someone :) I’m so happy to serve a mission and it’s gone by so fast. it’s been a little rocky but I’ve grown soooo much. all I know is my mission has changed my life and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord and bring people closer to the gospel. I invite everyone, member or non-member to read the Book of Mormon and to pray and ask God for guidance. He is the only way. I have so many friends back home that I wish I could have talked to them about my beliefs because I love them I should have. that’s why I’m doing it now. It’s not scary! If you love someone invite them. Share your testimony. I know God loves all his children, which is every person you see. Share with your brothers and sisters the gospel of Jesus Christ even if they are not interested. It is there and they can use their agency to accept it or deny it. Give them that opportunity to learn.

I love you all

Love Sister Steen
 My zone leader Elder Crane
 My old zone leader Elder Adling
 The Arnolds
 we love our family
zone conference

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